Coker 900-16 STA Super Lugs - Old-School Tire Test

    Testing Out Some Retro Treads

    Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

    Doesn’t it seem like things that are retro or old-school, when well executed, are always cool? We think so, but then again we might be a bit old-school ourselves. When it comes to 4x4s, retro is cool, so when it was time to test some tires we figured what better way to go than old-school?

    With a little digging you can pretty easily find tires and wheels that hearken back to a simpler time. We’ve been running a set of retro 900-16 STA Super Lugs by Coker from Summit Racing Equipment (PN COK-71014, $260) on an old Jeep truck for a few years. The truck is cool and looks cooler running chromed wheels with dog dish caps (we had the front dog dishes machined to clear the locking hubs). It just so happens that this truck shares the 6-on-51⁄2 wheel bolt pattern with our ’49 Willys CJ-3A (no, that is not the stock bolt pattern; we changed axles on the flattie), which is pretty retro all by itself. Built in the ilk of old-school flatties that have frequently graced the pages of 4-Wheel & Off-Road over the past 15-20 years, our Willys seems to be a head turner. Add to that the fact that we actually use the old Jeep both on the road and off (we drove it to, during, and back home from Easter Jeep Safari in Moab last year), and it is definitely unique.

    We usually run beadlocks on the old Willys because she is our go-to gal when it comes to reliably hitting any and all off-road trails at the drop of a hat, but we always wondered how the old Jeep would perform running a set of vintage STA Super Lugs. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. We swapped some wheels and tires around and loaded the camping gear into the ’49 flattie for a little old-school tire bashing.

    What is our plan, you may ask? Have fun and test these tires everywhere we usually use the old flattie and, oh yeah, snap a few pictures along the way. Once loaded, we hit a few mining roads in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona, just northwest of Phoenix.