The Things You Need For Camping & Overlanding - Outdoor Gear Guide

Everything you need to camp comfortably

If there are any trends in outdoor gear for 2015, they’re about lights, charging, and multifunction. We’ve compiled this guide with products showcasing those features and more to make bringing The Great Indoors outside for your adventures.

Illuminated Tent
Five Words or Fewer: A tent with a light.
Details: This is from the Big Agnes mtnGLO family, and it’s a three-season tent with integrated LED lights in a two-door tent. You control how much light, be it full or 50 percent, and it needs just six AAA batteries.
How Much: About $450
Where: Big Agnes,

Roof Rack
Five Words or Fewer: Carry everything necessary, and not.
Details: The BajaRack has mega floorspace, mounts, and an aluminum wind deflector for less noise and drag. It’s lightweight and easy to install.
How Much: From $999 to $1,345
Where: BajaRack Adventure Equipment,

LED Bottle Opener
Five Words or Fewer: Lighted bottle opener.
Details: It’s stainless steel and has a pushbutton that offers glow or flash lighting. You’re looking at up to 25 hours of battery time, and it’s weather-resistant.
How Much: About $8
Where: Nite Ize,

Fire Charging
Five Words or Fewer: Heat to power your electronics.
Details: The FlameStower FireCharger is only 10 ounces and allows a stove or campfire to charge your USB stuff. You insert the anodized-aluminum blade edge into the fire or heat source, gaining about 1 percent charge every 2-3 minutes.
How Much: $99.99
Where: FlameStower,

Multifunction Flashlight
Five Words or Fewer: A light that charges things.
Details: The Torch250 is a flashlight, a floodlight, and a red emergency light. Plus, it has a USB port for charging phones. There’s also a solar panel and hand crank for functionality just about anywhere, and it’s water-resistant.
How Much: $79.99
Where: Goal Zero,

Instant Traction
Five Words or Fewer: It’s a get-unstuck product.
Details: Don’t get trapped in the middle of nowhere, thanks to the Traction Jack. Two pieces are hinged together, creating a 4.3-foot-long device that the tires can grip to help get out of snow, mud, ice, sand, or whatever you done did. Basic model holds up to 10,000 pounds; heavy-duty version is close to 22,000 pounds.
How Much: Four kits are available; prices start at $174.99
Where: Traction Jack,

Cooling Unit
Five Words or Fewer: Portable A/C, even when camping.
Details: The Portacool Cyclone 1000 can be used outdoors, making summer barely feel like summer. You add water to the reservoir, plug it in (regular 110 volts), and it’ll cool sans mist or blowing around hot air. It’s less than 3 feet tall.
How Much: About $389
Where: Portacool,

Five Words or Fewer: Two-cycle gas generator.
Details: The Storm Cat is portable and has five hours of run time. It has a 2hp 63cc air-cooled gas engine and one 120V grounded receptacle. You’re looking at 900 peak/700 running watts.
How Much: Varies. Less than $200. Use coupon code 25123269.
Where: Harbor Freight Tools,

Gas Grill
Five Words or Fewer: Portable grill with flair.
Details: The Q 1200 grill has 189 square inches of cooking space and two folding work tables. Bonus: built-in lid thermometer and electronic ignition, not to mention a bunch of new bright colors for said flair.
How Much: $219
Where: Weber,

30-Second Tent
Five Words or Fewer: Set up this tent fast.
Details: The Oztent RV prides itself on being a one-person setup—in 30 seconds. There are five sizes available, and it’s 100 percent waterproof. It comes with a 6-foot-plus awning.
How Much: Starts at $749
Where: Oztent USA,

Water Tanks/Pump Kit
Five Words or Fewer: Now you can carry water.
Details: The AEV Rear Bumper Water Tanks and Pump Kit means two replacement rear corners and a pump kit for 5 gallons of water storage in your bumper. Ideal for the Moab or Call of Duty Wrangler JK.
How Much: $139
Where: American Expedition Vehicles,

Five Words or Fewer: Pull it behind your Jeep.
Details: The TrailHead has a removable lid and lined tub. The axle-less suspension option is said to make obstacles a no-brainer. It has LED lighting all around and a standard four-pin wiring harness. It’s 80 feet long and 50 feet wide.
How Much: Starts at $5,299.99
Where: Okie Built Trailers,

Five Words or Fewer: Wash and dry your gear.
Details: The Washline & Sink Plug Kit has an elastic cord line for using hooks or pegs at the campsite (or even in a hotel). The universal plug will fit pretty much all plug holes.
How Much: $10
Where: Craghoppers,

Camp Table
Five Words or Fewer: Stainless steel camp table.
Details: It’s lightweight and comes in various sizes, like large and even one with a built-in basin. You can use this for food prep or food consumption. It’s resistant to hot cooking tools and rust.
How Much: About $295
Where: Front Runner,

Five Words or Fewer: Packable camping hammock.
Details: The Sub7 is uber-lightweight at just 6.5 ounces. It sets up in seconds and can hold up to 300 pounds, and then you can break it down into something the size of a softball. The fabric is breathable and quick-drying.
How Much: $69.95
Where: Eagles Nest Outfitters,

Off-Road Tent
Five Words or Fewer: This is a rooftop tent.
Details: Pick your tent—hard or soft. They’re anti-UV, waterproof, and breathable. There’s an automatic-opening system on the hard units. Inside, there’s a rechargeable interior light, solar-powered fan, a mattress, and loads of storage.
How Much: Contact a James Baroud dealer
Where: James Baroud,

Five Words or Fewer: Portable life-giver: aka coffeemaker.
Details: The Coleman Signature Portable Propane CoffeeMaker can make 10 cups and has a pushbutton start. No cord or percolator. It also has a stainless steel kettle and carrying case.
How Much: $99.99
Where: Sport Chalet,

Five Words or Fewer: Instant shade.
Details: The Rhino-Rack Foxwing awning is a one-piece, 270-degree swing-out awning. One person can set it up, and it’s UV-protected, mold-resistant, and waterproof. It fits all Thule, Yakima, and Rhino-Rack roof racks.
How Much: $699
Where: Rhino-Rack USA,

Mopar Jeep Tent
Five Words or Fewer: Mopar accessory.
Details: It’s 10 by 10 feet for sleeping, plus has a 7x6-foot screen room. It’ll work on any Jeep with a lift tailgate or can work as a stand-alone tent when detached. There are two entrance doors, three windows, and two skylights. A lantern holder and gear loft hangs from the ceiling.
How Much: $366
Where: Mopar,

Bumper with Storage
Five Words or Fewer: Storage space in the bumper.
Details: The Aluminess rear bumper with swing arms has a tire carrier for up to a 35-incher, and a box carrier for various items. The Jerry Can box can hold three, and the Galley box can fit a generator, as can the Deluxe. The storage unit in the bumper can handle items such as fluids and tow straps. It’ll work with most factory tow hitches.
How Much: $1,950
Where: Aluminess Products,

All-Terrain Grill
Five Words or Fewer: It folds completely flat.
Details: This grille has an aluminum rolling body, yet the legs easily fold in for easy storage. Twin-burner technology, thru-lid thermometer, large work surface, and all-terrain tires are on tap, plus vibration and rattle reduction.
How Much: $299.95
Where: Zippo,

Tailgate Table
Five Words or Fewer: Cook/eat via your vehicle.
Details: The Tailmesa is a double-level folding tailgate table. You can even leave one side up to create a wind block. It’s easy to clean, and you’re able to hang cooking tools from the side. It’ll mount on a Wrangler JK without mods using the plastic inserts included.
How Much: $199
Where: Suntop,

Campfire in a Can
Five Words or Fewer: A portable campfire.
Details: It’s a Kickstarter product. The vertical burner is able to handle wood, propane, or charcoal, and you can put out the fire in seconds.
How Much: Starts at $99
Where: Campfire in a Can,

Rooftop Tent
Five Words or Fewer: Super rugged, with diamond-plate.
Details: The Kukenam XL Ruggedized is a rooftop tent with a big 8x6-foot sleeping area. The main part has diamond-plate base panels and heavy-duty D-ring tie-downs for hanging things like shoes. Accessories include Velcro window surrounds.
How Much: $1,925
Where: Tepui Tents,

Lighting/Charging System
Five Words or Fewer: Lights. Charger.
Details: The BioLite NanoGrid is called a “lighting and energy hub.” The PowerLight and SiteLight make up the equation. The PowerLight is a flashlight/charger for phones and even cameras, while SiteLight allows you to string overhead lighting.
How Much: $99.95
Where: BioLite,

Pop-up Camper
Five Words or Fewer: Bedroom built into the hardtop.
Details: The J30 Hard Top for the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has a mattress, LED lights, and access from within the Jeep.
How Much: Starts around $5,750
Where: Ursa Minor Vehicles,

Walkable Sleeping Bag
Five Words or Fewer: Walk in a sleeping bag.
Details: The Napsack is a mobile sleeping bag that you can wear like a puffy coat then get right back into your tent and sleep in it. It has zippers at the shoulders to stick your arms out, or hike it up so your legs have freedom. It even has a pocket and a pass-through for headphones.
How Much: $129.95
Where: Poler,