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October 2010 New Products

Flat Fender XJ, New Pro Comp Wheels, and More!

Flat Fender XJ
Bushwacker's SEMA-award-winning flat style flares for the Jeep Cherokee are made from an incredibly durable and flexible Dura-Flex(r) TPO 2000 material. They can bend without breaking and return to their original shape repeatedly and are 100 percent protected against UV degradation. Some trimming and drilling is required to mount them, but the flares provide 4 1/2 inches of tire coverage up front and 3 1/2 inches out back. Information: Bushwacker, 800/234-8920, bushwacker.com.

Kicking Big Power
The new digital DX.1 Mono-Channel Subwoofer Amplifiers from Kicker have all the power you could want for your subs at affordable prices. The DX.1 amps are stable down to 1-Ohm and are rated at 1,000 or 500 watts. Additional benefits are that Kicker amps often exceed their rated power and are covered by a two-year factory warranty. Information: Stillwater Designs, 405/624-8583, kicker.com.

We often bust on Cappa for not having any friends due to his proclivity towards removing the rear seat on two-door, short-wheelbase Wranglers. We are pretty sure that the guys from Avenger Superchargers teamed with Trailmaster Designs and designed this top for the JK with him in mind. Joking aside, its cool looks aren't all that it offers. It will be easier for the HVAC to maintain interior temperatures. It works with the factory removable Freedom Top panels and comes with a rear sliding window and bulkhead to seal off the passenger compartment. Information: Avenger Superchargers, 719/594-4766, avengersuperchargers.com.

Pro Rollers
The new Series 7032 aluminum wheel from Pro Comp features a 10-spoke design with bolt heads around the outer lip for a stylish look. The wheel is available in most popular late-model bolt patterns and 15-, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19-, and 20-inch diameters. Finishes include the shown matte black, as well as polished and chrome. Information: Pro Comp, 800/776-0767, procompusa.com.

Airs the Beef
If you want to build the ultimate Dana 60, ARB now has your back. The new 40-spline Dana 60 Air Locker features all the good stuff you've come to expect. A patented timed locking mechanism offers ultra-fast locking and unlocking and the comprehensive installation and service guide with photos makes install and diagnosis a cinch. The steel-reinforced and elastomer-bonded annular seal is designed for the most extreme temperatures on earth. Available only for 4.10 and lower gears and the patented two-piece design offers interchangeable side gears for non-standard applications. Information: ARB Corporation, 425/264-1391, arbusa.com.

Liberty Adjustment
No political BS here-just a high-quality adjustable lift system for the Jeep Liberty KJ. The Adjust-A-Strut provides 9 inches of travel and the 3.63-inch-diameter springs provide more A-arm clearance than other available kits. No spring compressor is needed to adjust the light height; a simple 9/16-inch box wrench, Allen wrench and spanner wrench are all that is needed. Information: Jeepin by Al, 888/792-9343, jeepinbyal.com.

The Shocker
This lightweight and compact train horn kit from Hornblasters is sure to get their attention. The black finish horns can be mounted in any orientation just about anywhere you want in the Jeep. The heart of the system is a 145psi Viair pump and air tank that makes these horns really scream. Everything you need to hook it up is included with the kit-from air fittings and air lines to wiring terminals and mounting hardware. Information: Hornblasters, 877/209-8179, hornblasters.com.

Gangle Age
If you are set on precision and are tired of waiting for gravity to tell your analog angle gauge what is what, the new Intercomp digital angle gauge will make you happy. It is a small 2 1/4 by 2 1/4 inch unit powered by a 9-volt battery and reads from 0- to 90-degrees in 0.05-degree increments. Zero can be set anywhere, thus allowing relative angle measurement. It can also measure absolute level and has a backlight for those late-night wrench sessions. Information: Intercomp Company, 800/328-3336, intercompcompany.com.

Great Stowage
The security drawer from Tuffy Security Products features all of the things we've come to expect, such as an exclusive pry-guard locking mechanism, 16-gauge welded-steel construction, and durable textured powdercoating. This 324-cubic-inch drawer tucks up under the driver's seat of your JK out of sight of would-be thieves. It is the perfect place to stash your firearm, cell phone, or anything you don't want to lose to sticky fingers. Information: Tuffy Security Products, 970/564-1762, tuffyproducts.com.

We did it too-we clicked on the link that said Rockwell Wheel. Well, this wheel doesn't fit Rockwell axles, but it does have the strength to carry the name. Available in a variety of offsets and 5-, 6-, and 8-bolt patterns, this thick multi-spoke wheel might be for you. The wheels are engineered for the heavy loads of a truck or SUV and are either hub-centric or supplied with centering rings to ensure a vibration-free ride. Information: Black Rhino Wheels, 888/789-9064, blackrhinowheels.com.

Light Air
The Ultra Light 3.0 aluminum air tank from Extreme Outback Products was created for extreme weight restricted military applications, but will work well for us too. The aluminum also performs well in corrosive environments. The tank features five 3/8-inch outlet ports and one 1/4-inch drain port. The standard finish on this tank is raw aluminum, but polishing and powdercoating are available at an extra cost. Information: Extreme Outback, 866/447-7711, extremeoutback.com.

Deep-Breathing Squirrel
The Stage 2 Intake from aFe Power for the '97-'02 2.5L-powered Wrangler is said to have shown a 10hp/10ft-lb torque increase in power over stock on a rear wheel dyno. With a whopping 69-percent increase in flow, it is no wonder that this Pro-Dry filter equipped intake system puts down such big numbers. The one-piece black powdercoated heat shield is included, no drilling is required for installation, and the oil-less filter is still reusable and washable. Information: aFe Power, 951/493-7147, afepower.com.

Answers To Jeep Game
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2. Chip
3. Crate engine
4. Nitrous
5. Turbocharger
6. Water pump
7. Supercharger
8. Headers
9. Ignition
10. Rocker arms
11. Camshaft
12. Pistons
13. Cylinder heads
14. Intercooler
15. Fan
16. Torque converter
17. Tuner
18. Battery
19. Lifters
20. Air filter
21. Throttlebody
22. Carburetor
23. Blower
24. Cold air intake
25. Spark plugs
26. High performance oil