We Prove Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellant Actually Works!

    Three-week, 1,000-mile test

    Christian HazelPhotographer, Writer

    If you’ve ever tried to cook eggs on a dry aluminum or cast iron pan you will understand the analogy. Brake dust on your nice factory or aftermarket wheels – whether aluminum, chrome, painted steel, or any combination – will eventually stick on, build up, and make a mess just like burned eggs on a frying pan. Armor All realized that you can prevent this sticky amalgamation of brake pad material from sticking to and gunking up your wheels much in the same way you can prevent eggs from sticking to a frying pan – with a no-stick, easy-to-apply, spray-on coating that makes brake dust slide off much the same way your sunny-side-up eggs slide off your pan.

    Our 2004 Dodge Durango puts about 1,000 miles on the odometer every month. And each and every day it travels a road that climbs (and more importantly, descends) 1,200 feet elevation in just a couple miles. To say it’s hard on brakes is an understatement. In just a couple weeks, the factory aluminum wheels on this vehicle are normally coated in a thick ugly brown layer of baked-on brake dust.

    For our test, we scrubbed the wheels cleaner than they’ve been in recent memory and then applied the Armor All Outlast Brake Dust repellant as per the instructions on the can. Essentially, wait for the wheels to be cool and dry, spray on the product, and let it dry for about an hour before driving. Then, we proceeded about our normal driving schedule. After a full week, the wheels still looked as clean as when the vehicle was new. After two weeks, there was a little material on the wheels, but you had to get up close to really see it. After a full three weeks, we could finally see a bit of buildup. However, instead of the usual scrubbing and knuckle busting it normally took to get the wheels clean, this buildup just wiped right off with a fingertip or dry rag. It was only in the spots we missed with the spray application that the brake dust buildup stuck and required scrubbing to remove.

    Call us sold! The Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellant really works. Not only does it prevent brake dust buildup from accumulating as fast as it would on an untreated wheel, it makes removal super-easy.

    This is what the wheels on our 2004 Durango normally look like after a couple weeks of driving on our mountainous daily commute.

    It actually took a long time to get the wheels this clean. There’s still some baked-in pitting and staining we didn’t bother to remove for our test, but now that we know how well the Outlast Brake Dust Repellant works, we’ll use some Armor All product to get our wheels factory-fresh and then reapply the Outlast Brake Dust Repellant to keep our wheels looking good.

    Application of the Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellant couldn’t be easier. Simply spray the product on your cool, dry, clean wheels and let dry for at least an hour before driving the vehicle.

    This is the exact same wheel after the same amount of driving time, distance, and conditions as the dirty photo. The Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellant not only made clean up easier, it prevented the wheels from getting as dirty as they normally do.

    Ignoring the heavy pitting that we didn’t clean up originally before our test began, any brake dust residue that did accumulate on top of the Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellant could be quickly and easily wiped off with a finger or dry cloth. If you want your vehicle to stay looking clean and new longer, the Outlast Brake Dust Repellant is a worth addition to your auto detailing arsenal.