Parts Rack: Cool New Products For Your 4x4

Parts Rack

Long-Travel Ram

Carli Suspension now offers the Pintop 2.5-inch lift/leveling system for the ’14-to-current Ram 2500 4x4 diesel. The system is said to be designed for the customer who is looking for the best bang for the buck and refuses to keep the rubber on the ground. The 2.5-inch-lift linear rate front coil springs are paired to matched-travel King 2.5-inch remote-reservoir shocks. Piggyback reservoir shocks bring up the rear. All shocks feature Carli-specific valving. Because the factory rear coils are retained, load capacity is maintained while on- and off-road. Info: Carli Suspension, 888/99CARLI,

Slinky ZJ

Iron Rock Off Road introduces the Rock-Link three-link front long-arm upgrade for the ’93-’96 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee. The subframe is made from 1/4-inch steel and the arms are made from 2-inch-diameter, 5/16-inch-wall DOM tubing. The subframe is said to tuck up as tight as possible to improve ground clearance when keeping your Jeep low and your belly high. The adjustable control arms feature an inboard bend to clear the tires when turning. No welding is required for installation; it is a completely bolt-on kit. Info: Iron Rock Off Road, 877/919-5337,

Weld Tight

Miller Electric has expanded on the Weld-Mask series with the introduction of Weld-Mask 2. It’s an alternative to traditional bulky welding helmets. Weld-Mask 2 is said to be engineered specifically for the unique hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders and other operators who weld in tight, non-traditional spaces, like under a 4x4. It features a low-profile lightweight design, large singular lens, and close-fitting soft eye covering. Other features include auto-darkening lens with shades of 5 to13 and X-Mode technology, which continuously detects the arc—even when the sensors are blocked. Info: Miller Electric, 800/426-4553,

Mobile Wash

It can be difficult to get clean when away from a traditional water source, but the RinseKit Plus may be just what you need to do so. The RinseKit Plus features a pressure chamber and ports to accommodate the new lineup of accessories. A hard exterior protects the portable shower system. The optional Hot Rod is said to quickly and safely heat the water in a RinseKit Plus to a comfortable shower temperature, and the RinseKit Plus provides pressurized spray for up to six minutes and holds two gallons of hot or cold water. It can be filled from a hose spigot or sink, and the heater and pump accessories can be used simultaneously. The RinseKit Plus comes complete with a hose nozzle, 6-foot hose, hose bib adapter, hot water sink adapter, on/off valve, and a quick connect. Info: RinseKit,

Water Bag

PRP introduces a new way to stay hydrated on the trail during long, hot days. The PRP Hydro Pouch can be mounted to the harness bar behind the seats, giving you easy access to water. The quick-release hook and loop attachments give you the ability to mount it to nearly any interior tubing, or remove it and take it with you. Each Hydro Pouch is made with closed-cell thermal insulating foam and holds up to 140 ounces when loaded with two 70-ounce bladders. Info: PRP, 800/317-6253,

Hole Shooters

Milwaukee Tool now offers the new M18 FUEL cordless 1/2-inch Drill Driver, 1/2-inch Hammer Drill, and 1/4-inch Impact Driver. The tools are said to be 60 percent more powerful and spin up to two times faster. All M18 FUEL tools feature a Powerstate brushless motor, RedLithium battery pack, and RedLink Plus Intelligence. Each tool delivers 1,200 lb-in of torque. They are shorter than the leading competitors’ tools, giving users more access into tight spaces. Other features include chucks with black oxide jaws and an updated sleeve knurl pattern for improved bit retention. The M18 FUEL tools are available in kits with cases and extra batteries or as bare tools. Info: Milwaukee Tool, 800/729-3878,

JL Speedo Correction

Superchips introduces the Flashcal for the new ’18 Jeep Wrangler JL. Each JL Flashcal includes a new jumper module in addition to the handheld unit itself. The jumper module gives you the ability to take advantage of all the Flashcal features. Adjustable parameters include tire diameter from 25 to 40 inches; TPMS on/off; gear ratio adjustment for 2.73, 3.07, 3.21, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.56, 4.88, 5.13, and 5.38; transfer case low-range ratio adjustment for 2.72, 3.00, 3.80, 4.00, 4.10, 4.30, and 5.00; sway bar disconnect in 2-Hi; one-touch lane change on/off; foglight dropout on/off; daytime running light dropout on/off; auto park on/off; and more. The unit also gives you the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Info: Superchips, 888/227-2447,

Fire Light

Vision X Lighting now offers the all-new ADV Adventure Series LED Light Cannon. The ADV 8700 8.7-inch light is 140 watts and produces 14,980 lumens, while the ADV 6700 6.7-inch light is 80 watts and produces 8,560 lumens. The Iris Reflector technology with widespread elliptical optics is said to produce a combination/driving beam that shines through the night beyond 2,297 feet. A smoothback-lit halo provides on-demand DRL illumination and doubles as a near-vehicle camp light. A four-bolt steel powdercoated trunnion bracket offers 45 degrees of aiming adjustment, and the slim 4-inch aluminum housing allows for greater placement options where a shallow mounting depth is needed. The ADV Adventure Series lights also accept a snap-on polycarbonate cover system to change beam color to amber, red, blue, or clear for various driving conditions. Every Vision X ADV light is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Info: Vision X, 888/489-9820,

Direct Cooling

Flex-A-Lite introduces its new line of performance radiators. The new radiators feature extruded tube core technology to replace the traditional single-row, two-row, three-row, and four-row tube core designs. The extruded tube core design is said to be much stronger and increases contact area between the coolant and the extruded tubes for better heat rejection and cooling. Cooling fins have louver patterns cut into them to direct airflow, which also improves heat rejection and cooling. The Flex-A-Lite extruded tube core radiators have a 100-psi burst rating, making them significantly more durable than anything else on the market. Radiators are available both with and without a Flex-A-Lite electric fan installed at the factory for direct-fit applications that bolt in without any drilling or cutting. Each Flex-A-Lite extruded tube core radiator comes with a two-year transferable warranty. Info: Flex-A-Lite, 253/922-2700,

FJ80 Bypass

ARB 4x4 Accessories now offers BP-51 adjustable internal bypass shock absorbers for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series. They are said to be engineered to be a bolt-on installation on the FJ80. The suspension package consists of two front shocks, two rear shocks, and two reservoir fit kits. Two different lift versions are available. One version is suitable for lifts up to 2 inches, while the second version is suitable for lifts of 3 to 4 inches. The shocks are tuned specifically to the vehicle geometry, weight, and OME coil springs. The front shocks feature reservoir brackets that mount to the top of the spring towers. The rear shocks have been designed with reservoir brackets that mount to the framerail. Info: ARB 4x4 Accessories, 866/293-9078,