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Custom 1992 Isuzu Space Cab Pickup Truck - Second Time Around

Taking a Good Thing and Making It Better

Galen ArmentaPhotographer, WriterGreg BallardPhotographer

It takes a ton of guts to do something that no one else will. But, going places others won't or taking chances that others deem too risky has a reward all its own. It must have been pretty scary to be in Brant Williams' shoes, when he rolled his '92 Isuzu Space Cab mini onto the show field. You see, this truck was on the cover of our sister publication Mini Truckin's Nov. '00 issue, with the same paint scheme.

Brant was actually looking to find a daily driver, and when searching hundreds of websites, he just happened to find one that was in his price range. With a couple phone calls and little creative negotiating, Brant was heading half way across the country to pick up his newly acquired mini. Not long after getting home, he started upgrading the interior to a more turn-of-the-century version. Brant was only planning on doing a couple things, and before he knew it, there was a heart-stopping Fosgate System, ten TVs, and a whole lot of fiberglass, painted to match the outside, which now pushed him way beyond daily driver.

With all the interior mods, Brant found that the truck was still lacking the attention it once had. He found out real quick that you are no longer at the top of the food chain, if your mini lays flat on 18s. And the days of being the poop because you have dubs out back and 18s up front are over. Nowadays, it's almost a requirement to go bigger than that if you want to compete for top honors. So, with the advice of a couple friends, Brant's ride was on its way to have the suspension cut out and reworked. A new cantilever setup replaced the old 'bag-over-axle design, and up front, the existing control arms and spindles were scrapped to make way for longer arms and 2-inch drop spindles, in order to get the required lift to lay the newly obtained set of Detata dubs all the way around. Swapping out the front fenders with those from a 4x4 would have been the perfect opportunity to repaint the truck, but Brant really liked the original paint scheme, so the fenders were color-matched and repainted just like before.

Although Brant has finished the Isuzu, he has already started penciling plans to tear the whole truck apart and rebuild it from the ground up. For Brant to take a great truck, rework it, and make it that much greater, we have to admit that we haven't heard the last of Brant.

The 411
Owner/hometown: Brant Williams / South Ogden, Utah

Year/make/model: '92 Isuzu Space Cab

Engine/drivetrain: 2.6L four-cylinder / mild cam / ported and polished head / five-speed manual Overdrive / painted driveshaft / Optima Orange Top battery / painted engine block, clutch, throttle body assembly, timing cover, and fan shroud / chromed brake lines, valve cover, battery terminals, and miscellaneous brackets / polished intake / steel braided hoses / billet overflow

Installer: Brant Williams

Wheels/tires: 20x8-inch Detata Siren / Nankang 225/30R20 Ultrasport

Suspension: 1/2-inch Parker valves / 1/2-inch DOT air line / 244 nitrogen bottle / custom back-half frame / (Front) drop spindles / Belltech chrome shocks / custom-built control arms / Slam Bag RS62 air springs / (Rear) four-link / cantilever setup / Slam Bag RS62 air springs

Installer: TC Fabrications, in Ogden, Utah

Body mods: Shaved door handles, antenna, tailgate, bumper, front marker lights, taillights, and gas door / molded roll pan and license plate box / skinned and smoothed the inside of the bed / 2-inch body drop / LEDs molded into the roll pan, back of cab, and front bumper / 4x4 front fenders / Rodeo front clip / modified Toyota valance / sliding rag top

Bodyman: TC Fabrications and Underground Customz, in Ogden, Utah

Custom Paint: Two-toned Tangelo Orange and Viper Silver with Sikkens paint / the flames are a House of Kolor Candy Purple

Painter: Maxwell Designs, in Texas

Interior: Honda Civic bucket seats wrapped with silver and perforated purple vinyl / headliner wrapped in orange suede / fiberglass and painted dash / custom-made fiberglass and painted center console

Upholsterer: Brady at the HiFi Shop / Riverdale, Utah

Audio/video: Alpine CVA1005 head unit / two 40-farad power caps / Rockford Fosgate Power Series T1 62 mids and highs / Rockford Fosgate T2001 amp / two Rockford Fosgate 15-inch T1 subs / Rockford Fosgate T5002 amp / seven DEI 7-inch TVs / two DEI 5-1/2-inch TVs

Installer: Brady at the HiFi Shop

Special Thanks: Brady Smith, Rockford Fosgate, Tyler Christensen, all his friends who lent a helping hand, and Chance Favero

Club: Meticulous Details