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Old News - Four Wheeler Magazine - August 1978

Old News

30 Years Ago

What Were We Doing This Month . . . in 1978?

The Malaise Era must've taken its toll on our editors by August 1978 since the cover of Four Wheeler that month had a Pinzgauer on it, the first (and last) time we'd ever done that. For good measure, we also featured a 6x6 Range Rover conversion in that issue. (What on earth were we thinking?) Otherwise, things were pretty much normal as FW head honcho Bill Sanders tested a brand-new CJ-7 ragtop---"one of the smartest things American Motors has done, considering the Pacer and a few other choice vehicles," he said. (Dig those bell-bottoms the photographer---Mrs. Sanders?---is wearing in the story.) We're continuing to archive these golden moldies from the FW Parts Bin, and in the coming months, you'll see plenty more at fourwheeler.com.