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1966 Kaiser Jeep CJ5 - 2008 Top Truck Challenge Finalist

Cummins Kaiser

Jeff Wood says that it took him one year and "one trainload of beers" to complete the build on his '66 Kaiser/Jeep CJ-5. Apparently you were impressed by the outcome, because you made this New Mexico CJ the 4th biggest vote-getter for TTC '08. It's clear that the rig was built with virtually no fat that would get in the way of off-highway performance. It must've been light beer.

Owner name/city: Jeff Wood/Fairacres, New Mexico
Occupation: Owner of fire-truck repair company
Vehicle model: 1966 Kaiser/Jeep CJ-5
Estimated value: N/A
Engine/aspiration: Propane-injected Cummins 4BT direct-injection turbodiesel
Transmission(s): TH400
Transfer case: Jed's Machining-doubled NP203/205
Suspension (f/r): Three-link, coil springs, Rancho RSX shocks, '70 Wagoneer sway bar with custom links/Four-link, coil springs, Rancho RSX shocks
Axles (f/r): Rockwell 2 1/2-ton, Detroit Locker/Rockwell 2 1/2-ton, Ouverson Engineering Ultra Locker
Axle ratio: 6.72:1
Wheels: 20x14
Tires: 49x21.0-20 Super Swamper IROKs

All the springs under this CJ are of the round variety. Up front a homebuilt three-link coil-spring front suspension with Rancho RSX shocks and a '70 Wagoneer sway bar with custom end links locates a Rockwell 2 1/2-ton axle. This axle features an owner-built pinion brake with Wilwood calipers and discs. The big 49s are pointed down the trail via a unique steering system that utilizes a TRW steering box and pump from a semi truck. Wood says this system gives the street-legal CJ very good road manners. The beefy drag link and tie rod are fabbed from 1.5-inch-diameter 0.250-wall DOM tubing.