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1978 International Scout Traveler - 2008 Top Truck Challenge Finalist

Intriguing International

International threw in the towel on the Scout back in 1980, but even after 28 years there are still a slew of Scout Faithful and they're as enthusiastic as ever. Case in point: Cheston Beck. Beck hails from the Land of Moab (i.e., Utah) and he pilots this trail terrorizing '78 Scout Traveler. Sure, it probably would've been easier for Beck to build a Jeep, Chevy, or Ford, but this finish carpenter loves a challenge. You voted him in as an alternate, and when someone bailed, Beck got the call. Now he'll get the challenge of Top Truck.

Owner name/city: Cheston Beck/Clinton, Utah
Occupation: Finish carpenter
Vehicle model: 1978 International Scout Traveler
Estimated value: Unknown
Engine/aspiration: 460ci Ford, bored 0.030 over, propane injection, Dove heads, Edelbrock intake, Flowmaster muffler, 3-inch-diameter exhaust, Pro Comp distributor and coil, Accel wires, MSD ignition
Transmission(s): C6, NorthWest FabWorks Black Box underdrive
Transfer case: NP205
Suspension (f/r): Dual triangulated four-link, Deaver coils, dual Pro Comp shocks at each wheel/Superlift leaf springs, Summit Machine Flex Joints, Bilstein piggyback-reservoir shocks, single custom traction bar
Axles (f/r): Dana 60, Yukon chromoly axleshafts, Detroit Locker, hydro-assist steering/14-bolt, Yukon alloy axleshafts, Detroit Locker
Axle ratio: 5.38:1
Wheels: Hummer H1 with Copperhead Fab centers and rock rings
Tires: 44x19.5-16.5 Pit Bull Rockers

A propane-injected ground-pounding 460ci V-8 engine resides under the traditional Scout reverse-open hood. Estimated to produce 375 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, this Felt Auto-machined engine has been bored 0.030 over and features Dove Performance heads, an Edelbrock intake, Pro Comp distributor and coil, MSD ignition box, and two Exide Orbital marine batteries. Power is routed through a C6 transmission with Redline clutches and internals before being transferred through a Black Box 2.72:1 underdrive from NorthWest FabWorks to the Chevy NP205 transfer case.