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2008 Yamaha Rhino Warn Winch & Bumper - Project Rhino

Part 3: Testing The Newest UTV Winch And Bumper From Warn

Robin StoverPhotographer, Writer

The side-by-side market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent months. As we continue to discover the endless array of bolt-on products offered by the aftermarket, we've started to wonder when, if ever, there is going to be a dip in growth. Surely the economic downturn will eventually neutralize the demand for these crazy carts, right? Rumor has it that Suzuki is about to release its variant of the popular two-seat platform. That makes more than six major offerings in the segment, which leads us to believe that the future of UTVs in the dirt is better than that of the SUVs. This is precisely why we got our hands on a '08 Rhino 700 to do a buildup.

Warn Industries is a name that is synonymous to the 4x4 marketplace, so we really weren't surprised to see them jump aboard the fast-moving side-by-side product wave to offer a whole assortment of bolt-on goodies. One of said products we really took a liking to, and decided to test for ourselves, was the new Rhino front winch bumper. Everyone knows a good winch bumper begs for a dependable winch, so our product request also included the most appropriately sized XT40 UTV winch. Installation of both items was a simple bolt-on affair that literally took us less than two hours from start to finish. Once installed, the upgrade added to the toughness we've sought since the beginning. The winch provides us with even greater confidence on the trail, and the wireless remote control adds a degree of techno-wizardry to the otherwise straightforward build. Read on to see what we think of the setup after a month of testing.

How Does It Work?
No regrets. We're ecstatic with our new front bumper arrangement. The winch works awesome, and we're completely satisfied with the wrinkle-finish powdercoat Warn includes with the bumper. The installation was a snap, and now we have a look that sets our Rhino apart from others out on the trail. Now, if we could just find a better battery setup.