1993 Ford F150 Flareside - Functional Full Size

    A Jersey Flareside With A Flair For The Trail

    Sean P. HolmanPhotographerKen BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

    When Brian Machnach of Manchester, New Jersey, bought this '93 Ford Flareside in 1995, it came with a 4-year, $400-per-month payment book. Funny how that works. For this reason the truck stayed mostly stock until the last coupon was ripped from the payment book in 1999. With the truck paid off, it was game on, and Machnach began the process of modifying the truck for serious off-highway travel. As you can see, the mods really took off.

    Machnach, a plumbing contractor, did almost all of the work on the truck himself with some help from his brother Steven and his buddy Kyle Finny of Sic Industries. The end result (so far) is a functional fullsize that has plied trails in Vermont, but specializes in conquering New Jersey mud.

    Up front the factory TTB suspension has been replaced by a custom leaf-spring setup and a high-pinion Dana 60 scavenged from an '89 F-350 that had suffered a cab fire. Before installing the new system, Machnach made a number of modifications to the F-150's frame. The mods included boxing the forward section with thick 1/4-inch steel, and he installed F-350 shock towers to hold the new Bilstein 5150 shocks. Custom-made 14-inch-lift Atlas leaf springs suspend the axle and they're mounted to factory F-350 and custom extended mounts. The axle itself sports 35-spline outers, Yukon 5.13 gears, MileMarker hubs, and a Precision Gear Powr-Lok differential. Other mods to the front of the truck include a Skyjacker pitman arm, a Skyjacker steering stabilizer, and ORU crossover steering.

    When it came to the exterior, Machnach spared no expense. As long as that expense didn't cost over $80, which is just what the Krylon ultra-flat camouflage paint cost. He sprayed it himself and then modified it with tree scratches during a wheeling trip in the woods. Other exterior mods include a custom front bumper by Machnach and Sic Industries, front frame-mounted D-rings, a Lund rear rollpan, and front and rear Class III receiver hitches (holding a pintle hitch up front and Warn shackle in the rear). The rig rolls on 44x19.5-16.6 Boggers on 14-inch-wide black steel wheels.


    Owner/Hometown: Brian Machnach/Manchester, New Jersey
    Vehicle/Model: '93 Ford Flareside
    Estimated value: $31,000

    Type: 5.0L V-8
    Aspiration: JBA headers, 2-inch-diameter dual exhaust
    Output, hp/torque (estimated): N/A

    Transmission: AOD, Griffin cooler
    Transfer Case: Borg-Warner 13-56

    Front: Atlas 14-inch-lift leaf springs, Bilstein 5150 shocks
    Rear: Atlas 14-inch-lift leaf springs, Bilstein 5150 shocks

    Front: HP Dana 60, 35-spline outers, MileMarker hubs, ORU crossover steering, Skyjacker pitman arm, Skyjacker steering stabilizer/Precision Gear Power Lok
    Rear: Sterling 10.5/welded
    Ring-and-pinion: Yukon 5.13:1

    Wheels: 16.5x14 black steel
    Tires: 44x19.5-16.5 Boggers

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