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A 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rolling on 40s

Web Wheeler

The Internet and its bevy of web forums can be a great source of information, but just as often the same forums can be a source of misinformation. So called “experts” are often times pimply-faced kids who have never actually shifted a transfer case into low range, much less fixed a broken driveshaft on the trail with two batteries, a set of jumper cables, and a coat hanger. The true grit old timers who have actually seen it all and done it all don’t typically spend their free time behind a keyboard.

When Denis Volkov moved to Nevada from Silicon Valley, he started his own 4x4 website. But instead of living on the computer in his mom’s basement telling everyone that their rollcage needs more triangulation, Denis actually wheels his Wrangler.

After a careless driver ran into his ’92 Wrangler YJ and totaled it, Denis bought an XJ Cherokee, but wagon wheeling wasn’t for him. It wasn’t long before Denis was back behind the wheel of a short wheelbase Jeep; the ’97 Wrangler shown here. His previous Jeeps had all been lifted and modified. Like most Jeeps, this one grew larger and larger over time as Denis’ skills dictated and funds allowed.

The Details
Owner/Hometown: Denis Volkov/Reno, NV
Vehicle/Model: 1997 Jeep Wrangler
Type: 4.0L I-6
Aspiration: Stock TBI, high-flow intake tube
Output: Stock
Transmission: 32RH
Transfer case: NP241 Rock-Trac
Front: Custom Samco Fabrication three-link with track bar
Rear: Custom Samco Fabrication triangulated three-link
Front: Dana 60, Blue Torch Fab differential cover and brackets, Lee Manufacturing ported steering box, PSC ram, Sky Manufacturing steering arm/ARB Air Locker
Rear: Corporate 14-bolt, Blue Torch Fab differential cover and brackets/Detroit Locker
Ring and pinion: Yukon 4.88:1
Wheels: 17x9.5 Allied Monster beadlock
Tires: 40x13.50R17 Goodyear MT/R