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VWerks 2012 Ram 1500: Doomsday Ram

The Dragon's Breath 1500

Ali MansourWriterKen BrubakerPhotographer

Since we’re sticking with the post-apocalyptic theme in this issue, it only makes sense that we reference one of the foremost experts at surviving mayhem and extreme villains—Batman. Now, before you go thinking we’ve gone off the deep end again, please allow us to explain. You see, Batman had to deal with creative villains that often wanted to explode his city and with blast him to bits. Time and time again the Caped Crusader dodged harm and defeated the villain.

While the hand-to-hand KaPow! action was always riveting, what we were more fascinated with was his seemingly indestructible Batmobile. No matter how many times Batman has been re-envisioned, his car has always played a vital role in his success.

This got us thinking about what kind of pickup would Batman drive. Seriously, we thought about it—and the answer was obvious as soon as we found out about the Caballo Diablo Ram from VWerks. While we can’t say with any certainty that you’ll see a VWerks pickup appearing in DC Comics any time soon, we will say that this pickup is something just wild enough to fit perfectly in the ultimate fanboy’s garage. Think of the Caballo Diablo (Spanish for the devil’s horse) as a merger of Baja pre-runner meets armored car.

VWerks Caballo Diablo Ram 1500 is designed to safely get you out of a dangerous situation in a hurry. Equipped with bullet-resistant panels, flamethrowers, and a long-travel desert-tuned suspension, we think the Bat would approve. The term tactical was used graciously when describing the Caballo Diablo Ram by VWerks. The idea is for you to be able to blaze (literally) through rugged enemy territory at high-speeds with a full crew and bed full of gear. The VWerks creation started life as ’12 Ram 1500 4x4. From there the rig was upfitted at VWerks Michigan headquarters, where it received a bevy of under-armor, bulletproofing, and a KORE Tactical Series long-travel suspension that offers an impressive 14 inches of vertical wheel-travel. At the present time the vehicle can be ordered just as you see it here, minus the dragon’s breath flamethrower (due to silly U.S. safety regulations)! Overall, it may be one of the safest pre-runners on the planet, and especially good for those looking to cut course through some less-than-friendly areas!

The Details
Owner/Hometown: Venchurs Vehicle Systems (VWerks)/ Adrian, Michigan
Vehicle/Model: 2012 Ram 1500
Estimated value: $100,000
Type: 5.7L VVT Hemi V-8

Transmission: 65RFE
Transfer case: BorgWarner 44-44

Front: KORE Tactical Series, Fox 3.0 internal-bypass coilovers, high-angle forged tie rods, Race Series control arms
Rear: KORE Tactical Series five-link with coil springs, Fox 3.0 internal-bypass shocks with piggy-back reservoirs

Front: ZF 215mm/open
Rear: ZF 9.25/limited-slip
Ring and pinion: 4.56:1

Wheels: 17x8.5 Method Racing beadlock
Tires: 35x12.50R17 BFG Baja T/A