2013 Ford F-250 - Project Super Dirty: Part 3

    Two Steps Forward, 16-1/2 Inches Back

    Fred WilliamsPhotographer, Writer

    We are behind the eight ball once again. Yes, you guessed it. We are neck-deep in Ultimate Adventure buildup quicksand and trying to dig our way out without freaking out. For those readers who are new to the magazine, here’s a quick update. The Ultimate Adventure is a weeklong off-road trip that 4-Wheel & Off-Road puts on every summer. It is attended by a few selected readers, sponsors, a crew of returning cronies, and the staff of the magazine. It is a wild four-wheeling road trip in vehicles that must be able to cruise down the highway and attempt the hardest trails in the country (no trailering allowed). We live out of our 4x4s, camp out most nights, and generally end up as dirty dirt-heads by the end of the week. Every year we go to a different locale, and every year we build a special 4x4 to lead the trip. This year we started with a base-model Ford F-250 with a PowerStroke diesel and very few amenities. It’s a tough truck, this Super Duty, but we have renamed it Super Dirty because we don’t expect it to be very clean at the end of this adventure.

    Making it a short bed would improve its ability to navigate off-road

    When last you saw our Ford F-250 project truck (Aug. ’13) we had stripped it down and cut it in half and were preparing to build it back up at Shaffer’s Off Road in Alameda, California. This month we are taking steps forward, and progress is always good, but we made some decisions that resulted in even more disassembly of the big brute of a truck. As such, this installment is a bit of a cluster as we cover various things on the to-do list without actually crossing anything off the list completely. Tune in next month when we show you even more progress (we hope).

    The L-cut was made on both the rear section and the front section while removing enough material to shorten the overall frame length. Then the two sections were aligned and slid together. This type of cut gives a large weld area to reattach the framerails.
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