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Lincoln Powered Bronco - 5.0-II

Built For A Beating

Jerrod JonesWriterKen BrubakerPhotographer

When the words "5.0 High Output" come to mind it is often the thought of an older Bronco that seems to be the perfect home. Not for Jaime Oliver. Being an old hand in the buildup scene, Jaime decided to go for something a little different, a little wacky if you will. Starting with a go-big-or-go-home attitude, Jaime went to work prepping a fullsize Bronco frame to fit a Bronco-II body with a '91 Lincoln 5.0 High Output motor resting between its functified body and frame. Skyjacker 511/42-inch springs were used to elevate the beast enough to fit 35-inch Swampers wrapped on Eaton wheels. An NP435 tranny hooked up to an NP205 transfer case transfers the pony power to a pair of Dana 60s. Just in case Jaime ever gets it stuck, he decided to include a 10,000-pound Warn winch built into the front bumper that he built for himself.

We were quite impressed with the way everything fit so nicely together after 511/42 years of blood, sweat, and time that was put into this Bronco II. We know this might seem like a long time to get what you want, but as Jaime told us, "Be patient, everything is trial and error."

A mostly stock 5.0 from a Lincoln was put in place of the original Bronco's motor. The basic stock form was kept for reliability, but it is aided by a few bolt-ons like a K&N air filter and some Hedman headers. The custom Heim-joint steering that Jaime built himself is running parallel with his trac-bar. If attempting to make a similar suspension, keep in mind that the trac-bar and drag link should be of equal length and parallel to one another.

Dana 60s reside under both the front and rear of this vehicle. You can see the little hoops Jaime used as diff skids to keep from punching through his differential's cover. The 35-inch TSL Swampers on Eaton wheels almost stuff up nicely into the wheelwells. The flex comes from custom-built radius arms.