1972 Jeep Commando 4x4 - Sunburst

Commanding Attention

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

Tech SpecsVehicle: '72 Jeep Commando

Engine: Turn Key Engine Supply LS1 V-8

Transmission: 700R4 with shift kit, Corvette servo, Art Carr torque converter and shifter

Front Axle: Tera 60 CRD, chromoly axleshafts, ARB locker, 5.38 gears, Dedenbear knuckles

Rear Axle: Tera 60 CRD, gun-drilled chromoly axleshafts, Detroit Locker, 5.38 gears

Tires & Wheels: 39-inch Krawlers on 17-inch

Walker Evans wheels

Suspension: 14-inch-stroke Fox coilovers, Fox hydraulic bumpstops, five-link front, four-link rear

We run across killer Jeeps all the time; it's sorta in the job description. But lots of times they're black or white or silver in color, which looks great, but doesn't always show up so well in magazine pages. Notice how many black trucks appear on the coverevery year? You'll be lucky to see one, but a bright yellow Commando with a fluorescent orange exoskeleton you'll see even less of. Blair Fredrickson's '72 Jeep Commando is what you can definitely call one-of-a-kind, with a build rarely seen on a Jeep of this vintage and model, and colors that will make your bare eyes bleed.

Part of the charm of Blair's rig is that he started with a 4x4 that had very small production numbers. We're betting there are a fair amount of you who haven't even seen a Commando of this vintage (the earlier ones having CJ-style front clips), and that, besides its awesome build and outrageous look, is why we shot it.

We ran across Blair's Jeep out in Moab earlier this year, flexing its coilover suspension on the 39-inch competition Krawlers on the Rusty Nail trail. If you were around during Easter Jeep Safari, we're betting you didn't miss seeing this cool Commando in action.

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