1995 Land Rover Defender 90 - Rockin' Rover

Built For More Than A Safari

Fred WilliamsPhotographerAli MansourWriterStephen WatsonPhotographer

The Defender 90's military styling and toughness is built in, which ranks it right up there at the top of the coolness chart for us. Every time we see one we immediately think of far-off adventure and safaris into the deepest jungles. However, dropping back down to reality, we just don't see enough of them on the trail. Perhaps it is because these Defenders are a bit costly and rare to use as trail vehicles, or that many people just don't appreciate what a built Defender can do out on the trail.

We ran into Eddie Bostock and his custom '95 Defender in Johnson Valley, California. We couldn't help but notice how well the D90 worked on some of the toughest trails. The rig was definitely built to take a beating, and we were impressed with the vehicle's agility and its ability to negotiate and conquer very difficult obstacles with ease.

As the owner of West Coast Rovers in Irvine, California, Eddie is no stranger to Rovers. Over the years, he has compiled the experience and the knowledge to build Rovers for real hard-core trail use. This Defender was built and equipped with the best of everything a dependable and capable trail rig needs like 1-ton axles and a custom long-arm suspension.

Vehicle: '95 Land Rover Defender 90

Engine: 4.6L Range Rover V-8
Transmission: TH400
Transfer Case: Atlas 4.3:1
Front Axle: Dana 60, 5.13 gears
Rear Axle: Dana 60, 5.13 gears

Springs & Such: Custom coil springs, King remote-reservoir shocks
Steering: Steering box, ram, and pump custom built by Lee Mfg.
Tires & Wheels: 40x13.50R17 Pro Comp Xterrain tires, 17x10 Pro Comp wheel/Champion bead locks
Other Stuff: Custom fabricated front fenders and fenderwell walls, Warn 8,000-pound winch

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