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2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD: The Everyday FJ

Cruising For Adventure

Ali MansourPhotographer, Writer

For many people starting out in the wheeling world, having a secondary or dedicated wheeler isn’t a realistic option. It can be especially nerve-racking when your wheeling skills and taste for more challenging terrain begin to push your daily driver to its limits. But with some driver finesse, a little luck, and a sound understanding of what your rig is capable of, we’ve seen seemingly mild rigs do some amazing things.

Terry Knight is a guy who knows a thing or two about pushing a daily driven 4x4 to its limits. While his ’07 Toyota FJ Cruiser may not sport massive tires or 1-ton axles, it does have plenty of worthwhile upgrades to help it last off-road. Terry is also no stranger to wheeling adventures. The Tennessee native has made the trek to the far-reaching rockcrawling Mecca of Moab and explored many trails in between. Mind you, he has done all of those trips without the safety net of a tow rig and trailer.

One of the most interesting notes coming up in the Toyota’s future is that Terry is handing the keys over to his daughter so he can start building a new rig. Not only will the FJ be his daughter’s new car, but it will be her first! She won’t have to worry about door dings, and it definitely won’t be a mall crawler. Well, unless she really likes to cruise the mall!

Tech Specs
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD
Engine: 4.0L, TRD exhaust
Transmission: A750F 5-speed auto
Transfer case: Stock, 2.56:1 low range
Front Axle: IFS with 8-inch ring gear, 3.72 gears
Rear Axle: Stock Toyota 8-inch with TRD electric locker, 3.72 gears

Springs & Such: Custom 3-inch with Walker Evans 21⁄2-inch coilovers and All-Pro Off Road upper control arms, Old Man Emu heavy-duty rear springs with Walker Evans 2.5 series shocks and custom control arms

Tires & Wheels: 295/70/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 17-inch Pro Comp alloy wheels
Other Stuff: All-Pro bumpers and sliders, 9.5 Warn winch, Bud Built skidplates and rear diff guard, M-Pac side rack, Land Cruiser Steve’s original storage box, Power Tank, Hi-Lift jack, 106-inch wheelbase