1960 Ford F-250

Turning Back the Clock

Justin Schlosser of Beaverton, Oregon, was flipping through 4-Wheel & Off-Road one day when he spotted a '59 or '60 Ford that looked just like one that was for sale two blocks down the street. Naturally, he had to have it.

The vintage rig probably looked like a simple project at first, especially since Justin is an automotive painter by trade, but he quickly learned that most of the modifications on his newfound '60 F-250 would require some fabrication. The aftermarket isn't exactly brimming with goodies for ancient 4x4s. However, there is a ton of restoration parts available for older trucks, and we've included a list of a few Ford specialists in case you don't believe us.

But a back-to-stock restoration won't cut the mud at an event such as Oregon's Foster Lakes Mud races, where we spotted Justin's pickup. So here's a look at how a 37-year-old 4x4 can be made to stand on huge meats, spin 'em through the goo, and look good doing it.

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