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Diesel Challenge Build-Off - Part 5

The Competition Is Set

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

Here we are at part 5 of this fascinating diesel mega truck build-off. The trucks are 95 percent finished and the readers are begging us for daily updates. Some of the most common questions we hear are about the stages of the final competition. We haven’t taken the time to properly explain the rules of the race yet, so now is as good a time as any.

The concept is simple: Take two totally different styles of mega truck and line them up head-to-head in every off-road scenario possible. We’re basically looking to answer one simple question: Which truck is more badass? A massive 5-ton, factory-frame, Power Stroke digger or a lightweight, tube-chassis, twin-turbo Duramax? Everyone has his or her opinion on which the winner is going to be, but in reality no one really knows for sure.

The competition will be broken up into five parts. Best three out of five wins it all, and we specifically set it up to hopefully go all five rounds. This is the title fight of mega trucks, and the winner is going to enjoy the glory for years to come. Robert Pigue from Plan B Fab and Adam Pela from Pela Motorsports will both suit up and take the driver’s seat of their own rigs. To make things interesting, both racers agree that the loser will have to post his picture on Facebook wearing any shirt and hat the winner chooses. There is no money at risk, but the stakes are still high because nobody wants to be the loser and everyone wants to be the winner. After months of smack talk and photo taunting, the last thing either one of them wants to do is admit defeat. So let’s get into the different areas of competition in this sloppy showdown.

For the grand finale, both trucks will take to the unforgiving freestyle course at RYC for a no-holds-barred fight to the finish. After the flip of a coin to see which competitor goes first, one by one they will race, jump, and potentially flip their rigs in an attempt to get the best crowd reaction. The racer with the biggest audience vote will take the spot. The winner will be announced with a full cover photo on our Aug./Sept. issue. The ultimate plan for both teams is to win three stages before making it into Round 5. This way they won’t feel the need to destroy their rigs just for our entertainment, but it sure would be fun to watch. So clear your calendars on May 9-11 and come on down to Punta Gorda, Florida, for one of the craziest diesel competitions ever assembled. Who do you think is going to win?

Stage 1
The first stage is simple and will answer the question of who is fastest on dry off-road terrain. A head-to-head 300-foot drag race down a clean straight surface will determine who has the faster truck. Most would immediately assume that the lightweight twin-turbo Duramax will easily win this round, but Pigue isn’t so sure about that.

Stage 2
The Mud Life Diesel Challenge will be a full-on tug-of-war where both trucks will hook a rope from frame to frame with the goal of dragging the other truck across the line. Naturally you would think the gigantic Power Stroke can drag the tube chassis truck all over the park, but Pela says he has a plan for that.

Stage 3
This is an extremely interesting one in our opinion. Which rig can go farther through the thickest mud that Redneck Yacht Club has to offer? Will the big bog truck be able to creep farther in the mud than the smaller twin-turbo truck?

Round 4
It will be a race around the oval track at RYC. Both trucks will have their turn to run five laps, and the fastest lap overall wins. Pigue is pretty confident about winning this stage, but Pela feels the same way. It’s going to get really interesting by the end of the round, but the next stage is the most exciting one by far.

Stage 5: The Widowmaker would be a good name for this stage, but since both racers have kids we will just call it freestyle. If we make it to this stage without either competitor breaking or winning already, it’s going to be a war. Anything goes during this round, and crowd participation is the key. The driver with the most cheers will take the crown, but the real winners will be the fans in attendance.