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1949 2WD Willys Pickup - Wicked Willys: Part 4

Rear Coil Mounts, Fuel, Winch & A Dashboard

Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

Last time, in Wicked Willys world, we told you that the project was slightly stalled and our plan was to keep tinkering away. Setting up the blocks of the next step and knocking them down to get further down the road to a driving and wheeling rig. Well, as much as we would like to tell you that things are going perfectly, we can’t without stretching the truth. Don’t worry, the project is still a go, and by dog, we will finish it! It’s just things are not coming together quite as quickly and as seamlessly as we would have liked. Such is life.

We will forge ahead and keep on Jeeping. This time in Part 4 of Wicked Willys, we add a few parts from our friends over at Dave’s Customs Unlimited. These parts will help us safely carry fuel for our big Willys with a sexy fuel cell and help get the rear suspension closer to being done with a set of both upper and lower coil spring mounts. We also added a Warn winch mount intended for a TJ so we can add the Warn 8274-50 that used to have a home on our ’56 Willys Project Ground Up. We also tinkered a bit more with the rollcage trimming and fitting our Willys original patina’d dash to the ’cage. This is so we can easily get under the cowl when it comes time to add wiring, steering, and pedals. Check it out as our big Jeep gets even closer despite the snags.