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1949 2WD Willys Pickup - Wicked Willys: Part 5

Steering, Engine Parts, Wheels And Tires

Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

Wicked Willys is a big project, but nearly every week, we are lining up parts and knocking them down (or at least marking them off the list). As we speak, the truck is a roller, sitting at full bump and waiting for a time when we don’t have quite as much to write and have more time for spinning wrenches. Still, it’s a good feeling knowing that this truck is getting closer and closer to the finish line. Sure, we still have a long way to run and a ton of stuff to do before she is driving, but the big obnoxious truck is getting closer every day—or at least every week.

Last time, we covered the installation of a few parts related to the body, fuel, recovery, and suspension. Following that scatterbrained pattern of what comes next, in this month’s installment, we worked on the big Willys’ steering with some aluminum parts from Chris Durham Motorsports. We also step out of our garage and head down to the machine shop to catch up with the Dodge 440ci engine that will one day power this truck. While there, we had a chance to look at some sexy parts from Eagle from Summit Racing that should make this truck a fire breathing monster even on pump gas.

We also finally get our grubby mitts on a set of tires and wheels for the Willys, and they are truly Wicked! Not to be outdone, the old girl will roll down the road on a set of BF Goodrich KX Crawlers in 42x14.50R20 flavor, mounted on some flat-out beautiful Trail Ready 20x9.5-inch TrailReady Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum bead-locked wheels. We also break out the air saw and bob the Willy’s patina’d bed a few inches to improve departure angle. Check it out as we get a bit closer to having this beast rolling out of the garage and down the trail.