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Fixing-Up Our Neglected 2007 Jeep Wrangler

Fixing Other’s Messes

Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

It was mentioned before, but when I inherited Jp’s ’07 Wrangler, there were mechanical issues that stopped the 98,000-mile Jeep from actually being a driver. Once those were taken care of, it was time to turn my attention to more mundane issues that had been left over from previous abuse.

Three Jpstaffers had control of this Jeep before I did, and everything I asked about had them pointing at each other as to which person was the culprit. Hazel blamed Cappa for the radio being the wrong one, scratching CDs, and the mirrors being hammered. Cappa blamed Hazel for the blown-up transmission and severe lack of oil in the Jeep, not to mention the Goldfish crackers, other snack food, and handprints found in the backseat from Hazel’s kids. Hazel readily admitted pouring nasty old gear oil all over the cargo area of the Jeep and swiped the factory trailer hitch while I watched. Simons, meanwhile, has some kind of vendetta against throwout bearings. He also allowed the Jeep to sit under that hot Arizona sun for who knows how long, just roasting and sun-bleaching all kinds of stuff.

I hate stuff not working or even not working as well as it should. So, all the little problems absolutely drove me nuts. Here’s a rundown of all the little problems that led up to this Jeep just being a pain in the butt to use as a daily driver.