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1968 Kaiser M-715 - The Evil Truck Revisited, Part II

Cosmoline Canvas And Traction Time

Christian HazelPhotographer, Writer

Last month, we showed you the new GM Performance Parts 290hp 350 engine going into Hazel's '68 M-715, dubbed The Evil Truck. With the engine cinched down and broken in, all that was left to do before Jp Magazine's officially unofficial OD Convoy event was to add some traction to the rear Dana 70, fix a few odds and ends, and install the beautiful new canvas top Beachwood Canvas Works scrambled to build in time for our deadline. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

For the unenlightened, Beachwood Canvas Works makes and carries replacement parts for virtually all models of classic Jeep and military vehicles. Whether you need seat covers for your CJ-2 AgriJeep or a canvas top and cargo cover for your World War II weapons carrier, chances are the company has it. Not to mention Beachwood's extensive catalog of difficult-to-find parts ranging from engine-rebuild kits to shift knobs to everything in between.

As we mentioned before, Beachwood Canvas Works really bent over backward to pump out an M-715 top for us on short notice to meet our deadline. While the top arrived with plenty of time to install before our departure on the OD Convoy, a steady drizzle of rain and temps in the high 40s prevented us from actually tackling the installation. Canvas is a natural fabric and it shrinks in cold weather and stretches in warm, sunny weather, so the top installation you'll see in this story actually happened after the OD Convoy. Read on to see how we readied The Evil Truck for our 500-mile trip you'll read about next issue.