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Week to Wheelin' - Day 3 #Week2Wheelin2017

Winches and Wiring

Jered KorfhagePhotographer, Writer

As the sun set on Day 2 of Week to Wheelin' 2017, our ’07 Jeep Wrangler sat high and mighty on the shop lift with a new set of legs—a full long arm suspension kit and shiny new axles. Rusty’s Off-Road Products was on deck all day helping dial in the 3.25-inch long travel suspension kit and link it up to our Dynatrac ProRock 44 and 60 axles.

Today, we are trading the plasma torches and torque wrenches for wiring diagrams and electrical tape as we dig into the wiry rat’s nest that used to be the old Jeep’s circuitry. Our plan is to start the day with our new winch. ComeUp USA is here to make sure the Seal Gen2 9.5 RSI winch is mounted and wired properly. Not only can this winch yank 9,500 pounds of stuck Jeep out of the muck, but it is completely sealed and can operate under water! We’ve even seen this winch hoist and suspend a jeep off the ground (don’t try this at home).

Also on the docket for Day 3 is the installation of our LED lights from J.W. Speaker. We’re actually looking forward to being on the trails after dark with the Model 8700 Evolution J2 7-inch headlamps. These lights feature Dual Burn technology to throw and extra punch of light down the trail and installation is as easy as plugging in a single wiring pigtail. Did we mention that the anti-flicker features are built into the bezel and don’t need to be installed separately?

We might be putting some long hours into this project, but so far they have been free of major hiccups. We’ll keep you posted as we work toward our goal of the celebratory trail test when the Week to Wheelin’ Jeep is complete!