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Ed Buster: 1978 Chevy

Top Truck Challenge 2010 Competitors: The Dirty Dozen

Sean P. HolmanPhotographerKen BrubakerPhotographerFour Wheeler StaffWriter

Texas 10
Construction Supervisor Ed Buster and his Chevy "Big 10" hail from Rosebud, Texas. You voted him in as an alternate in the Truck Class this year. Buster's fullsize rig is big-block-powered with a list of proven components and even a trail-friendly narrowed nose.

Ed Buster, Team #15

  • Most looking forward to: "The Tow Test. With the new big-block and the not-so-light rig, I think we have an awesome chance to make a great pull!"
  • Not looking forward to: "Mud Pit. I'm just too lazy to want to clean the truck."
  • Playing in his iPod/CD player: "Flatt and Scruggs."
  • Buster says: "My grandparents are a big part of who I am today, and I love them with all my heart."


  • Owner name/city: Ed Buster/Rosebud, Texas
  • Occupation: Construction supervisor and owner of Dragoon Off-Road
  • Vehicle model: 1978 Chevy "Big 10"
  • Estimated value: N/A
  • Engine/aspiration: 454ci GM V-8/dual TBI, Hedman headers
  • Transmission: SM 465, Centerforce II clutch
  • Transfer case: Atlas 4-spd
  • Suspension (f/r): 56-in leaf springs, BBCS 15-in shocks/57-in Dodge leaf springs, BBCS 15-in shocks
  • Axles (f/r): Dana 60, Detroit Locker/Dana 70HD, Detroit Locker
  • Axle ratio: 4.56:1
  • Wheels: 16.5x9 custom w/Stazworks H1 centers, Copperhead Fabrication rock rings
  • Tires: 44x19.5-16.5 Super Swamper TSL Bogger