Jason Gray: 1975 GMC Pickup

Top Truck Challenge 2010 Competitors: The Dirty Dozen

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Shades of Gray
Jason Gray found his '75 GMC pickup broken down in his own driveway at the end of a test drive. Call it fate, or just dumb luck, or maybe the truck simply wanted a better life-whatever the case, Gray followed his intuition. He returned to the dealership on foot to report a mechanical failure. The sales staff responded with an offer Gray simply could not resist. At first, the plan was to use the rig as a daily driver that could hold its own at the local wheeling spot. However, after a year of wrenching, the concept morphed into a build strategy for TTC. With help from his good friends at the 4WD Factory in Hutto, Texas, Gray transformed it into what you see here. To our regular audience, the vehicle may look familiar. If so, it is likely because Gray attempted twice before to secure a spot at our thrashfest. As the old saying goes, third time's a charm, and with a strike of good fortune, some 573 readers took their time to vote for him, enabling Gray's participation at the 18th annual TTC.


  • Owner name/city: Jason Gray/Amity, Oregon
  • Occupation: Diesel mechanic
  • Vehicle model: 1975 GMC pickup
  • Estimated value: N/A
  • Engine/aspiration: Chevy 7.4L OHV V-8/propane injection
  • Transmission: TH400
  • Transfer case: NP203/205 Doubler
  • Suspension (f/r): Triangulated four-link, FOA coilovers, pneumatic bumpstops/double-triangulated four-link, FOA air shocks
  • Axles: Dana 60, 35-spline stub shafts, 300M U-joints, OX Locker/GM 14-bolt, 35-spline axleshafts, welded spider gears
  • Axle ratio: 5.38:1
  • Wheels: 16x12 Stazworks steel double bead locks
  • Tires: 46-in Mickey Thompson Baja Claws

Jason Gray, Team #9

  • Most looking forward to: "Tank Trap. Win or lose, if you finish the 'Trap you have accomplished something that not all competitors have."
  • Not looking forward to: "The Tow Test and Mud Pit has to be a weak point for me. I run a 454, but on propane and fairly stock. I think there will be some big horsepower brought to the event that will shine in these events."
  • Playing in his iPod/CD player: "Disturbed 'Ten Thousand Fists'."
  • Gray says: "I still watch cartoons."