Steven Montpas: 1949 Willys Pickup

Top Truck Challenge 2011 Competitors: Show & Tell

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Truck class:Mean Green Willys
Originally our Truck Class alternate, Steven Montpas (a genuinely nice guy who is definitely not mean) got his promotion to TTC competitor after another finalist was forced to drop out a month before the event. He promised us that he’d be ready to run with the big dogs, and his Willys pickup would appear to have the necessary ingredients to compete, with ample power, 2½-ton running gear, plenty of tire, and some interesting creativity in its suspension design.

The Details

  • Owner name/city: Steven Montpas/Roseburg, OR
  • Occupation: Field mechanic, Oregon Dept. of Transportation
  • Vehicle model: 1949 Willys pickup
  • Estimated value: N/A
  • Engine/aspiration: 350ci Chevy V-8, bored .030 over, balanced; 670cfm Holley Truck Avenger carb, Edelbrock Performer dual-plane manifold, Hedman headers, Flowmaster exhaust
  • Transmission: Muncie 465
  • Transfer case: JB Fabrication NP205 twin-stick
  • Suspension (f/r): Custom “double- leaf,” three-link, Tuff Country shocks/“double leaf,” four-link, Tuff Country shocks
  • Axles (f/r): 2½-ton Rockwell/2½-ton Rockwell
  • Axle ratio: 6.72:1
  • Wheels: 20x10 double-beadlocked HEMMT
  • Tires: 54x20 Interco Boggers

Steven Montpas, Team #10

  • Most looking forward to:“I want a piece of the Tank Trap, and I’m sure it wants a piece of me. They say it’s the toughest event, and I want to complete it.”
  • Not looking forward to:“I’m looking forward to all of them. I want to put my vehicle to the test on all seven events.”
  • Playing on your iPod/CD player:“Who knows? Too busy getting ready for TTC.”

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