Top Truck Challenge 2011 Show & Tell

A Comprehensive Look At This Year’s TTC Competitors And Alternates

Sean P. HolmanPhotographerKen BrubakerPhotographer, WriterDouglas McCollochWriter

Do you realize what you’ve done? You’ve just fulfilled the dreams of a dozen fellow wheelers!

In the April issue of Four Wheeler, we trotted out 50 Top Truck Challenge 2011 hopefuls sent in by readers whose dream was to compete in our world-famous, seven-event, mega-thrashfest in Hollister Hills, California. From those 50, we asked you to vote for the ten rigs you most wanted to see in this year’s competition.

You answered the call by sending in an abundance of ballots. We tallied them all, and here are the top vote-getting trucks and buggies as well as the two alternates in each class.

The basics of each rig were outlined in the April issue, but over the next several pages are an exclusive, comprehensive look at each rig as well as the driver and co-driver of each team (after all, these rigs don’t drive themselves). We’ll show you the interior and exterior of each rig as well as what’s going on underneath the hood and chassis. But that’s not all. We’ll also offer a glimpse into how each driver thinks. What event are they most looking forward to? What event do they wish would just go away? You’ll read the answers to these questions and more.

This is your chance to see all of the TTC rigs in pre-competition condition photographed just minutes before they went into battle. Take a good look, because next month we’ll bring you the detailed, play-by-play coverage of Top Truck ’11 with all of its drama, action, and carnage, and none of these rigs will be this clean and a few of them won’t be this intact.

But for now, kick back, turn the page, and get to know the Top Truck Challenge 2011 competitors, alternates, and their rigs.

Do You Want to Compete in Top Truck 2012?
Has it been your dream to compete in Top Truck Challenge? Next year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Top Truck with the Champions’ Challenge 2012. All of the previous TTC winners from 1993 onward will be invited to make the trek to Hollister and compete in our seven-event mega thrashfest. They can compete in the rig they originally ran or they can bring a new rig, it’s their call.

What does this mean to you? Well, we’ll be inviting one lucky reader to compete against our previous champions and you will decide who that will be using our normal selection criteria. We’ll publish a list of TTC Champions’ Challenge 2012 hopefuls in the April ’12 issue, and you’ll decide by ballot which reader is invited. We’re opening this contest to former TTC competitors, too, so if you competed in the past and didn’t win, now’s your chance at redemption.

Do you want to go head-to-head with illustrious former TTC Champions? Fill out the entry form, send it to the address listed by the due date and maybe your fellow wheelers will vote you in to Top Truck Champions’ Challenge 2012. Please make sure the photo you send is high-quality and shows the entire vehicle. Good luck!