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We know that you're itching to know a little more about our 2013 Top Truck Challenge Competitors so we decided to ask them a few questions to give you a better idea of who they are and why they've decided to attempt the ultimate off road torture test! Find out why Nolan Skopliak has decided to compete in Top Truck Challenge 2013!

Q: What TTC event are you most looking forward to?
A: "Tank Trap! Ever since watching TTC from VHS tapes I've always wanted to run that nasty section."

Q: What TTC event are you not looking forward to?
A: "I'm not scared to put my truck in any situation or through any type of obstacle or terrain! I drive GB like it's my 4WD buggy (that I also have)."

Q: When in a tough spot are you more likely to throttle out or think it through?
A: "All depends! I love how my 496 big-block Chevy opens up and I ain't scared to use full pedal! There's a time and place for everything though."

Q: Are you making changes to your rig before TTC?
A: "Just stepping up my safety stuff is my main concern. I plan on hucking GB into some nasty situations! I've installed some Ouverson axles up front. My truck is staying the same, not really changing it around. It's built, and built for abuse."

Q: How is your spotter/co-driver training for TTC?
A: "Well, my brother Tyler Skopliak is in that seat. We have 15 years of co-driving experience together. He's used to recovery."

Q: If you could go wheeling anywhere in the world, where would that be?
A: "Well, for GB I'd say Tank Trap. I've always wanted to get in there!"

Q: What's playing on your iPod/CD player right now?
A: "Chief Keef."

Q: What was the last movie you watched?
A: "TTC 2012."

Q: Do you have an aversion to poison oak, wild boar, or submerged engines?
A: "Long-sleeved shirts, fork and knife, and swimming goggles."

Q: What's one thing people should know about you?
A: "I do yoga."

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