TTC 2013 - 1979 Ford Bronco

    Joshua Middleton's Big Bad Bronco

    Jeremy CookPhotographerAgustin JimenezPhotographer, Writer

    Joshua Middleton showed up at Top Truck Challenge this year in his 1979 Ford Bronco with only one thing on his mind, Winning! Joshua is Justin Middleton’s brother which made it really interesting watching these two compete against each other during Top Truck Challenge. Joshua’s Bronco changed dramatically from what it looked like before Top Truck Challenge. The nose of the Bronco was heavily narrowed to help it get through the tight technical sections of Top Truck Challenge. The Bronco is still powered by the big fire-breathing big block 460 but it was bored .030 over. One thing’s for sure; this rig can scoot through most trails in a hurry without breaking a sweat!

    Joshua was fun to watch run through the challenges at Top Truck not only because of his hard charging driving style, but also because he would do it while blasting some wicked cool tunes. Case in point, he ran charged through the Frame Twister while playing AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells and also headed up the Tank Trap with Eye Of The Tiger cranked up to 11! Speaking of the Tank Trap, since everyone was modifying their intake induction tubes by adding high mounted snorkels to their trucks for the run up the Tank Trap’s water holes, Joshua mounted a turquoise toucan water floaty toy around the snorkel tube to keep it floating over the water should the snorkel come loose during the run. Unfortunately the toucan didn’t stay put and fell off early on during the Tank Trap run but the snorkel stayed put long enough for Joshua to make it all the way to the crevasse just outside of the fifth water hole, but not before they had to reinstall the power steering and alternator belts after they came off during a full throttle wheel-stand up the rock wall canyon. Joshua was very competitive at Top Truck and ended up with a hard-fought podium finish of 3rd place.

    Truck: 1979

    Frame: Stock
Engine: 468 c.i. big block V8
Drivetrain: Built C6 automatic from Transmission Plus, NP205 T-case with 1410 U-joints, Rockwell 2.5-Ton axles front and rear

    Suspension: 2.5-inch FOA Coilovers, Johnny Joints, 4-link front suspension with full hydraulic ram steering, leaf springs in rear, trail bar, 2-inch .250 wall upper & lower links, Ballistic brakes 

    Wheels & Tires: 20x12-inch Stazworks Beadlock wheels wrapped in 19.5x54R20 Super Swamper Boggers