The Ultimate Adventure 2011 Finalists

    The Dirty Dozen

    Each year we put out a call-to-action for all off-roaders who deem themselves and their rigs fit for the task of a full week of 4 wheeling covering multiple states and thousands of grueling miles. We want them to apply to take part in a once in a lifetime adventure, the Ultimate Adventure. Ever since the beginning of Ultimate Adventure we have gotten hundreds of applications from hopeful readers eager to join the elite ranks of those who have gone before. And every year those few that are chosen are kept a mystery and sworn to secrecy until the print magazine is found on news stand shelves. That is until now! For the first time ever in the history of Ultimate Adventure we present to you, our online fans, a view inside the decision making for who is to join us on our 2011 Ultimate Adventure. The deadline to enter has passed and we have narrowed down our selection to these 12 applicants. Who exactly is going on UA11? We can’t tell you. Not because we don’t want to but because we haven’t decided yet. We want your opinion! Tell us who you would like to see join our crew on Ultimate Adventure 2011 by commenting on these 12 finalists in the “Comments” section below! And stay tuned to for more updates on Ultimate Adventure 2011!

    Mike Marrero Deltona, FL
    1999 Nissan Frontier
    Engine: Nissan 3.3 liter V6
    Induction: Stock fuel injection
    Transmission: Stock 4 speed auto
    Transfer case: Stock TX10
    Front Axle: Dana 44 high pinion, ARB 5.13 gears
    Rear Axle: Rockcrusher high pinion 60, ARB 5.13 gears
    Front Suspension: Custom 3 link with coilovers
    Rear Suspension: 63” hybrid leafpacks
    Tires: BFG KM2’s 315/75R16
    Winch: Warn 9.5Ti up front, M8000 out back
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Custom suspension front and rear, custom utility bed, dual batteries, full high steer, mangled ARB front bumper, rock sliders, gas tank skid, on board air, winch rope on both winches, Working CB radio, a little armor plating to the cab. Air intake, cat-back exhaust, upgraded motor mounts, ceramic coated factory exhaust manifolds, I’m sure there is more, just have a mind block right now.
    Years wheeling: 22 years playing, 6 on the grander scale of traveling

    Blake Shepherd Longmont, CO
    '78 Jeep J10 Honcho
    Engine: Rebuilt AMC 360
    Transmission: NV4500 5 speed
    Transfer case: Atlas 4 speed 10:1
    Front Axle: Dana 60 with a Detroit and 5.38's
    Rear Axle: 14 Bolt with a Detroit and 5.38's
    Front Suspension: Stock leaf spring 2 inch lift SOA
    Rear Suspension: 63" Chevy Leaf Springs
    Tires: 42x15.50R17 Goodyear MTR's with Kevlar
    Winch: Champion 8000
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Exo skeleton transfer case, transmission, axles, drive shafts, suspension
    Years wheeling: 20 years

    Martin Miller Eagle Point, OR
    1987 Suzuki Samurai
    Engine: Suzuki 1.3 Liter; Bored 30 Over
    Induction: Electronic Fuel Injection
    Transmission: 5 Speed
    Transfer case: 6:4 Transfer Case
    Front Axle: Chromolly Sidekick 5.12
    Rear Axle: Chromolly Sidekick 5.12
    Front Suspension: Missing Link with Swivel Shackle (custom similar to TerraFlex style); Reverse Eye Rubicon Leaf Springs
    Rear Suspension: Missing Link with Swivel Shackle (custom similar to TerraFlex style); Reverse Eye Rubicon Leaf Springs
    Tires: Toyo Open Country 33X12.50 15R
    Winch: Warn RC 9.0 Synthetic Rope
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Full External & Built-in-Body Cage; Spool in Rear Axle; Front ARB Locker; Cold Air Intake; Power Steering; Pro Comp 32 inch Front Shocks; Pro Comp 36 inch Rear Shocks in towers; 4 Wheel Disc Brakes; Custom ¼ inch Steel Front & Rear Bumpers; Rear Winch 3,000 lbs; Belly Plate; Differential Guards; Onboard Air with Air Tank; Undercarriage Lights; Hi-Lift Jack; Fuel Tank Skid Plate; Cobra CB Radio; Custom Dove-tail Rear End; Raised wheel wells; Custom Overhead Light Bar
    Years wheeling: 16 years

    Corey Osborne Montrose, CO
    2002 Jeep TJ
    Engine: 4.0L
    Induction: EFI
    Transmission: NV3550 5 speed
    Transfer case: NV231 4:1 Tera Lo
    Front Axle: D30 ARB 4.56
    Rear Axle: D44 ARB 4.56
    Front Suspension: Custom 3-link w/ coil-over
    Rear Suspension: Custom 4-link w/coil-over
    Tires: 37" BFG KM2
    Winch: Warn
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Stretched to 101", PSC Hydro Assist, Warn 5x5.5 conversion, alloy axles, Rockhard cage, King coil-overs
    Years wheeling: 15 years

    Joel McJones West olive, MI
    1974 Jeep CJ5
    Engine: 2002 Chevy 5.3L
    Induction: EFI
    Transmission: 4L60E
    Transfer case: Dana 300, 4:1
    Front Axle: D60 Detroit Locker 5.38
    Rear Axle: 14 Bolt Lincoln Locker 5.38
    Front Suspension: 4-link, triangulated lowers
    Rear Suspension: 4-link, triangulated uppers & lowers
    Tires: 38x12.5R15 Interco TSL
    Winch: Warn 8274
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Tube Chassis, coil-overs, FOA bumps, PSC hydraulic Steering, hydroboost brakes, fuel cell
    Years wheeling: 15 years

    Al Rhodes Sandpoint, ID
    1981 Toyota Pick-up
    Engine: 22R
    Induction: Carburetor
    Transmission: 4 speed manual
    Transfer case: Trail Gear Doubler 4.7:1 in rear
    Front Axle: Toyota 8" Detroit Locker 5.29
    Rear Axle: Toyota 8" Spool 5.29
    Front Suspension: Trail Gear 5" leaf spring
    Rear Suspension: Trail Gear 5" leaf spring
    Tires: 39.5x13.50R17 Interco IROK
    Winch: Warn HS 9500
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Full hydro steering, Trail Gear six shooter knuckles, 30 spline chromoly axles, Trail Gear Drive Flanges and driveshafts
    Years wheeling: 33 years

    Chuck Wigham Divide, CO
    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
    Engine: Chevy 383 Stroker
    Induction: TBI
    Transmission: 700R4
    Transfer case: NP203 matted to stock FJ60 split case
    Front Axle: FJ60 9.25" Long Field 30 spline 4.88
    Rear Axle: GM 14 bolt shaved 10.5" 4.88
    Front Suspension: Stock FJ60 leaf springs on SOA with shackle reversal
    Rear Suspension: Stock FJ60 leaf springs on SOA with add-a-leaf
    Tires: 37" TSl SSR
    Winch: Mile Marker 9500
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Bumpers, crossover steering, york compressor, skid plate, sliders
    Years wheeling: 33 years

    Matt Messer Fresno, CA
    1999 Toyota Tacoma
    Engine: 3RZ 2.7L
    Induction: EFI
    Transmission: stock 5 speed
    Transfer case: Dual Minitruck Cases w/ 4.7:1 in rear
    Front Axle: Rock Assault 8" ARB 5.29
    Rear Axle: Rock Assault 8" ARB 5.29
    Front Suspension: Trail Gear Tacoma SAS/leaf springs
    Rear Suspension: Trail Gear Tacoma rear/leaf springs
    Tires: 37" BFG Krawlers
    Winch: T-Max 9500
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Custom bumpers, solid axle swap, 30 spline axles
    Years wheeling: 15 years

    Philip Dunievitz Reno, NV
    1975 Ford F-250
    Engine: Ford 460
    Induction: Carburetor
    Transmission: NV4500
    Transfer case: Atlas 4-speed
    Front Axle: 35 spline D60 ARB airlocker 5.18
    Rear Axle: 35 spline D60 ARB airlocker 5.18
    Front Suspension: Parallel 4-bar with King coil-overs
    Rear Suspension: 62" Chevy 1/2 ton leaf springs SOA
    Tires: 40" Goodyear MTR's
    Winch: Warn 9.5
    All Non-Stock Equipment: HOWE ram assist steering, DOM roll cage, mastercraft seats, hydroboost brakes, highlift jack
    Years wheeling: 30 years

    Ron Adams Hope, ID
    1977 Toyota Land Cruiser
    Engine: Toyota 2F 257
    Induction: Carburetor
    Transmission: Stock 4-speed
    Transfer case: Stock
    Front Axle: Toyota 9.5 Detroit Locker 5.29
    Rear Axle: Toyota 9.5 Lincoln Locker 5.29
    Front Suspension: SOA shackle reversal, spring flip, minus 2 leaves
    Rear Suspension: Triangulated 4-link air shocks
    Tires: 39.5" Interco
    Winch: Warn 8000
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Race Runner shocks all around, Longfield axles, six shooter knuckles, DOM roll cage, hydro steering
    Years wheeling: 8 years

    Thomas Rogers Ellisville, MS
    1978 Jeep CJ7
    Engine: GM 5.7 LT1
    Induction: EFI
    Transmission: 700R4
    Transfer case: Atlas 3.8
    Front Axle: D44 ARB 5.13
    Rear Axle: D60 ARB 5.13
    Front Suspension: Deaver custom 6" leaf
    Rear Suspension: Deaver custom 6" leaf
    Tires: 37" IROCK
    Winch: Warn 8274
    All Non-Stock Equipment: Everything except body & frame
    Years wheeling: 41 years

    Paden Sarcino Sussex, NJ
    1989 Jeep Cherokee
    Engine: Stroked 4.0
    Induction: EFI
    Transmission: AW4
    Transfer case: 231
    Front Axle: D44 OX 5.13
    Rear Axle: Ford 9" spool 5.14
    Front Suspension: 4-link w/ coils
    Rear Suspension: 4-link w/ coils
    Tires: 37" IROK/ 37" Super Swampers
    Winch: Warn M8000
    All Non-Stock Equipment: On-board air, roll cage, hydraulic assist
    Years wheeling: 7 years