Tim Hardy: 1987 Suzuki Samurai

The Ultimate Rigs of UA 2011

Driver: Tim Hardy
Stomping Grounds: The Wild West
Tim Hardy is a virtual walking, talking Swiss Army Knife. He can make stuff that doesn’t exist, repair the irreparable, and even manage to pull a trailer through trails that the average rig can barely drive through. Tim has been on almost all Ultimate Adventures, each time piloting one of his seemingly low-budget yet indestructible Suzukis. And while the UA F-150 was the first official IFS rig to lead the pack, it hasn’t been the only IFS rig on the UA. Tim piloted an IFS Sidekick on UA 2007.


  • Engine: Stock
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Transfer Case: Stock with a custom low-range gearset
  • Axles: EZ Locker, 5.12 gears


  • Springs & Such: Spring-over with Rancho shocks
  • Tires & Wheels: 35-inch BFG M-Ts custom grooved on 15-inch aluminum wheels


  • Custom Samurai trailer on 35s that hauls enough spare parts to build an additional Samurai
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