OJ The Ultimate Orange Jeep Part 2

All Done!

Fred WilliamsPhotographer, WriterHarry WagnerPhotographer

The Ultimate Adventure is a weeklong on/off-road road trip. We do it every summer with a small group of 4x4s (about 20) including readers, sponsor, cronies, and crew. And each year we build some over-the-top, superwacky, high-dollar dream machine to lead the trip. The vehicle of choice this year is a ’12 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Last month we visited the home factory of the Wranglers in Toledo and saw our little OJ (Orange Jeep) roll down the assembly line. This month we’ll show you just how quickly and easily you can have an Ultimate Adventure spec vehicle ready to go. Though many of the vehicles are extreme machines, it’s possible to build a tough, nimble little 4x4 that meets all the requirements and could easily attend Ultimate Adventure without too much drama.

Since the Jeep was complete to go two months early we did what any wheeler would do. We headed to Hazzard FabWorx and cut it in half. Come back next month or log onto 4wheeloffroad.com to find out why!

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