Ultimate Adventure 2014: Day 5

    Road Day with a Wheeling Shortcut Through Illinois

    Agustin JimenezPhotographer, Writer

    Day 5 of Ultimate Adventure 2014 started off with an early morning wakeup/breakfast call at our camp spot high atop the hills near Dubuque, Iowa on a former UA Alumni’s private ranch. This mornings breakfast was not like any of our normal days, this one was catered and we can all honestly say we ate like kings that morning. No Beenie Weenies this time around.

    Once we packed up our tents and gear into our rigs, we lined them all up and headed out on the road following the Ultimate Adventure Legend himself, Rick Pewe. Of course none of us knew exactly where we were going but one thing was certain, expect the unexpected and multiple fuel stops since Rick’s former Ultimate Adventure Jeep CJ-17 was turning out to be a thirsty little rig. Luckily the locals across Iowa and Illinois seemed to like our rolling party of trail rigs. It was definitely the Ultimate Adventure parade across small towns none of us had ever before seen.

    While everyone assumed we would be covering some serious road miles on our way to our next camp spot, Rick informed us all that we would be taking a shortcut to our next Ultimate Adventure camp destination. None of us knew what to expect but one thing was for sure, an Ultimate Adventure shortcut doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to show up earlier.

    As we followed Rick across small towns in Illinois, the entire group suddenly turned right off the highway for our Road Day shortcut. We had arrived at a private corn field with some hills and a creek and and had no idea what to expect.

    Check out what our Ultimate Adventure 2014 shortcut turned into!