The Road To Ultimate Adventure 2014

    Heading out in our UA2014 Rigs

    The road to Ultimate Adventure is almost as wild as the event itself, especially when you're on no sleep from prepping for many long days and nights to make sure your rig is in tip top shape before hitting the road. Then there's the minor details like getting the truck packed with all the necessary gear, tools and spare parts to live out of your truck for a week while wheeling new gnarly terrain and trails every day.

    Its no surprise that we sometimes encounter some roadside adventures before going on Ultimate Adventure. This year, we've already seen Former Editor Rick Péwé lose his CJ-17's top to the relentless winds as he drove across the desert highways. Editor Fred Williams is on his way to Ultimate Adventure fresh out of the paint shop in the Ultimate Tug Truck. In case you have a spare Ram hood ornament, Fred is in search of one that is brave enough for perilous trail rides.

    As always, the Location of Ultimate Adventure is a secret but we decided to share some of the mayhem, mishaps and even fun that happens on the way to Ultimate Adventure.

    Check out what our rolling party is encountering as they descend on UA2014 from all across the country!

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