Ultimate Adventure 2014: Day 2

    Wheeling in Cornhusker Land

    Our first trail day of Ultimate Adventure 2014 started off bright and early with a slightly humid morning in the hotel parking lot. A few rigs were still getting buttoned up before the driver's meeting was held. Rick Péwé laid out the first three rules of Ultimate Adventure. Rule number one, No Whining! Rule number two, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Rule number three, if you wear black, you will die.

    Soon after the driver's meeting culminated, everyone loaded up into their rigs and hit the road on our journey to the Ultimate Adventure just an hour outside of North Platte, Nebraska.

    We were invited to wheel on some private property that featured everything from tight steep trails to deep water crossings and even a few deep nasty canyons that kept all the Ultimate Adventure crew on their toes.

    Check out all the Ultimate Adventure 2014 wheeling action from the land of the Corn Huskers!