Ultimate Adventure 2018 Returning Reader: Chris Paul – #UA2018

UA2018 Invited Readers announced

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

Getting invited on the Ultimate Adventure makes you the part of a pretty exclusive club, but being invited back a second year as a returning reader puts you in even rarer company. Guys like Brennan Metcalf and Robert Keller list this is a life-changing experience, and have chalked up enough wheeling miles since they went on UA to prove their point. This year, Chris Paul will be returning in his V-8-powered Hummer H3. The rig came with a 4:1 transfer case and Chris added a Dana 70 front axle with an Eaton E-Locker and an Eaton rear axle with a Detroit Locker.

Last year Chris drove his Hummer to the start of UA in Phoenix, ran the entire trip with minimal issues, and drove back home to Mather, California. Chris swapped in a larger front axle and added an exo cage before last year’s event, but despite the last-minute changes a broken hub and a blown tire bead were his only problems. He has since added spare hubs to his trail bag and a set of Battle Born Beadlock wheels. Chris doesn’t even own a tow rig! That is the essence of the UA spirit epitomized. Welcome back, Chris! We’re stoked to have you aboard for another UA.

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