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Whoops! Snap, Crackle, Pop


No one can ever accuse Diesel Power Products’ Cooper Rasmussen of holding back on our Ultimate Adventure. This guy is larger than life, just like his regular cab, shortbed Ram 2500 diesel pickup. In 2017 the leverage from the huge tires spun the axletubes in the front housing, but Cooper came back in 2018 with a completely redesigned front suspension. On the first day of UA 2018 at Rocky Mountain Terrain Park in Maine, axle woes struck yet again. This time Cooper was trying to drag fellow UA crony Dave Chappelle up a steep, loose, rocky hillclimb when the front ring and pinion let go. Dave had the opportunity repay the favor by swapping a new ring-and-pinion into the front of the Ram the next day at Jim Bennett’s shop in Bethel, Maine.