Offroad Power Products Is the Official Retailer of Ultimate Adventure 2018

Adventure Is Necessary

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

No matter what vehicle Offroad Power Products brings to our Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure we know that it’s going to be cool and well outfitted. Over the years the company has brought a 4BT Cummins-powered JK and a cool old fullsize Jeep Cherokee with coilovers. This year OPP General Manager Cooper Rasmussen piloted a regular-cab diesel Ram 2500 converted to a shortbed and riding on 40-inch tall tires.

All of these vehicles have been outfitted with winches, LED lighting, lockers, camp cooking products, and more. These are just a few of the products offered by Offroad Power Products. The company is a one-stop retailer experienced in diesel and gasoline performance products, suspension, drivetrain, and everything you need to customize your 4x4. Offroad Power Products also knows what you need to pack inside your vehicle—rooftop tents, camp stoves, coolers, and more. The staff at Offroad Power Products has used all of these products firsthand and can make recommendations on the best fit for your specific needs.