Premier Power Welder Is the Official Onboard Welder of Ultimate Adventure 2018

Weld Anywhere, Anytime

Harry WagnerPhotographer, Writer

This is the first year that Premier Power Welder has been an official sponsor of our Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure, but the company’s products have a long history on the trip. Longtime UA crony Chris Durham has fixed dozens of rigs on the UA over the years with his Premier Power Welder. For those less familiar with the product, Premier Power Welder is an onboard welding system with a 100 percent duty cycle that offers the ability to stick, MIG, or TIG weld with the engine just above idle. It also provides a 115-volt DC power source to run power tools and can charge batteries. The compact third-generation control box takes up minimal space under the hood, making it perfect for late-model vehicles with crowded engine bays.

We partner with companies that are a fit for what the UA is all about. That means hardcore wheeling balanced on a razor’s edge with the ability to still safely go down the road at freeway speeds. Premier Power Welder fits our criteria perfectly, and we have been using the company’s products for years on numerous vehicles. Having the ability to weld on the trail gives us the confidence necessary to fix anything, anywhere.