Bald Mountain and Hatcher Pass on Day 7 of 2019 Ultimate Adventure #UA2019

Saving the Best for Last

The last day of Ultimate Adventure 2019 was a great one, full of a variety of terrain from mud to hill climbs to rocks. The group traveled to Bald Mountain, where they explored on their way to the summit of the mountain to view the wreckage of a B-29 plane crash dating back to 1956. This is one of the most popular trails in Alaska, and it is easy to see why. It is close to Wasilla, offers plenty of challenges, and the views and scenery are outstanding.

Everything went smoothly on Bald Mountain, which meant that we had extra time at the end of the day. This gave Christian and Trent the opportunity to take everyone over Hatcher Pass to Summit Lake, an extra scenic route that had to get scrapped during the drive back to Wasilla on Day 6 because the group was running behind schedule. This gorgeous drive doesn't require the hubs to be locked, but the spectacular views definitely make it worthwhile. The Fishhook Road rises to 3,886 feet to cross Hatcher Pass at the head of Fishhook and Willow Creeks in the southwestern corner of the Talkeetna Mountains.

Once back to town everyone cleaned up for the dinner finale of the Ultimate Adventure. This is always a bittersweet moment, and this year was no exception. Sponsors were thanked, awards were handed out, and friends new and old shared stories from the moments they had experienced during the past week. While the time passed quickly, every moment was full of adventure.