Driving the Denali Highway and Stampede Trail on Day 5 of Ultimate Adventure 2019 #UA2019

Day 5- Denali Highway to Stampede Trail

Day 5 of Ultimate Adventure started with Trent McGee telling the group that one of his goals was to be in low range in the morning before the engines even got to operating temperature. He was successful in this endeavor on Day 5, as we wheeled out of a seclude campground in remote Alaska before travelling 150 miles down the Denali Highway. You would think that once back on the road the drive would be easier, but the Skyjacker suspensions were working overtime on the frost heaves and potholes that marked the old entrance used to access Denali National Park.

We didn't actually go into the park, as the only motorized access is limited to buses (or reaching your campsite), however we did skirt along the edges of the national park in search of Christopher McCandless' bus, made famous in the book (and later the motion picture) Into The Wild. We did, indeed, go into the wild, encountering bottomless mud that was devoid of traction. At least the scenery was epic, as we yanked with our VooDoo ropes and pulled cable on our Smittybilt winches. After five hours we reached an impassable river which meant that we had to turn around and go out the way we had just come in! After a broken U-joint, a swamped engine, and a broken hub, we returned to the town of Healy at midnight, muddy and exhausted. That is the norm for Ultimate Adventure though!

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