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Poison Spyder Corners and More Lizard Skin for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 16, interior and exterior armor

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

The outside and inside surfaces of just about any off-road rig see abuse like no other. The sides, especially the rear corners, are always endangered by rocks, trees, and other trail debris that we enjoy driving nearby. On the inside, tool bags, coolers, jacks, shovels, ammo crates, jerry cans and more assault the interior surfaces on which they ride. The 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep, a modern Jeep with a nod to Jeeps used by the British SAS during World War II, is no different. Our plan is to load the Jeep up with camping equipment, spare parts, tools and more, and go on an adventure like no other.

In the past, we've prepped the inside of Ultimate Adventure vehicles with LizardSkin Spray on thermal barrier and enjoyed cooler inside temperatures as a result, as well as a pleasing and durable interior surface. Carpet doesn't do well on UA, and bare paint can get dirty, scratched up, and damaged from everyday use let alone the rigors of an Ultimate Adventure. We got four gallons (two tubs) of the LizardSkin Ceramic Thermal Barrier from Summit Racing Equipment.

To protect the rear corners of our Jeeps tubs, as well as gain a little stretch for the wheelbase, we called up our friends at Poison Spyder for a set of their LJ steel 4-inch steel corner guards. . These 3/16-inch thick steel corner guards will allow us to hit the trail and the hard obstacles on it with confidence. The first step with these is to test fit, and drill four holes, then we painted the back of the corners and installed them on the Jeep. This is all in preparation for painting the rig so we can continue to finish the project over the next week and a half before we have to leave for the start of the 2020 Ultimate Adventure.

Oh, and with more help from Kenny Smith and a few hinges and latches from Omix Ada, we were also able to add on a CJ tailgate to our retro 2020 UA LRJ.


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