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A few Odds and Ends for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 15, More help from our friends

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

We've said it before, and we will say it again. Building an Ultimate Adventure rig takes a village. A huge number of folks have helped thus far on the project. Whether that's long-distance help from sponsors who have parts that will solve our problems or friends lending time in the shop to help with the occasional phone call to outside experts for their opinions and experiences on making the parts come together, we can't do this in a vacuum.

We mentioned the help we've gotten from Chris Durham at Chris Durham Motorsports (both in the form of parts and advice), and our old friend Chad Campbell, who helped with the wheels and tires, but we also need to say thanks to several other folks. Rob Bonney from Rob Bonney Fabrication is always in the mix giving advice and helping us make beautiful custom parts for each of these projects, and you will see more from RBF as the build continues. Chad McKinney from Quick Draw Brands has frequently gotten texts about various subjects. Steve Sanders from Cummins is on quick dial. Dave Chapelle from Dirt Every Day fame is an amazing sounding board for our sometimes strange ideas. Also, as of Monday morning, our pal and UA Crony Ken Smith from South Carolina has been in town lending a hand.

Building a project during the time of Covid-19 has also posed its share of problems, but so far, we have figured out a work around for just about everything that we just can't get either locally or via mail order. Although installing beautiful axles from Dana, sexy suspension parts from Skyjacker, new Turbo Diesels from Cummins, and breathtaking wheels and new tires from TR Beadlocks and Falken is what we live for, there are a ton of small boring jobs that must get done. For today's installment of the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep, we are going to say thanks for help and show you a few of the less sexy, small-ish projects we've recently started or wrapped up. We mounted the computer, the Cummins oil filter, fuel filter, brake lines, brake hoses, a power steering reservoir, and more. We've mounted a dashboard cut at Rob Bonney Fabrication. Also, we can show you some of the patches we had to make to the Jeeps floor for shifters and T-case clearance. Ken even helped us plop the TJ hood back in place, so we can think about mounting a radiator and intercooler on the front of the Jeep.


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Falken Tire, www.falkentire.com/
IH Parts America, 530.274.1795, www.ihpartsamerica.com/
Offroad Design, 970.945.7777, www.offroaddesign.com/
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