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Shock tabs for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 9, mounting the shocks to check for clearance

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

Last time, we showed you how we built and heavy tack-welded some shock hoops in place on the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep's frame. After some modification on our first settings with these hoops and some more heavy tack-welds, we now have the LeDuc Series shocks from Skyjacker Suspension (albeit in disassembled form) in place on the axles and the shock hoops. The shocks are disassembled, so we can cycle the suspension, checking to make sure that various parts won't crash into each other while the suspension compresses, droops, and flexes side to side. Truth be told, we should be doing this with tires on wheels, and wheels on axles, and we may still do that yet, but for now we need to get the body back on the chassis. With that done, we can start attacking the 50 different little projects that have to happen before this thing can become a running driving vehicle.

Front Shock Tabs

We showed you a preview of the front lower shock mounts in Part 8 of the 2020 UA LRJ build. They are simple, and we will probably box the tops in and maybe the outer edge if there is space for a bit more metal. The upper shock mounts rely on some cool tabs we found at our local fab shop. We shortened them up a bit to fit, and the position on the side of the hoop isn't ideal. It will cause the shock to load the top of the hoop in torsion. That will eventually cause the hoop to crack or deform. Building a bridge over the engine and/or other tube gussets to the frame—or the other front shock hoop—will help prevent damage from that torsional load, but we will wait to build the gussets and bridge for when we have the hood of the Jeep in place.

Rear Shock Tabs

Out back, we stood the shock hoops up a bit more vertically than we originally had them. We also tweaked the upper shock mount tab position on the hoop a bit farther back. To gain a little bit more shock space and slightly reposition the rear shocks, we also notched and rotated the two lower shock tabs. This helped push the shock body and coil inward a touch, as well as providing a little more bump travel.


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