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GenRight Crawler Tank for Our 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 18: Adding fuel and range to the LRJ.

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

Having plenty of fuel (and water) for Jeeps in the Sahara Desert during the North Africa Campaign of WWII meant the difference between life and death, survival and doom. While the costs of running out of fuel in the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep is much less perilous, it's still a concern that we must keep near the front of our mind. As is, we'd love to fog paint it Desert Tan and strap every jerry can we own to the outside and inside, but we may not have enough time to make the necessary mounts. And honestly because of GenRight Off Road and our Cummins R2.8 carrying much extra diesel, it just won't be necessary.

About a month ago we reached out to GenRight Off Road, a company you have most certainly heard of before. The company, named Genuine Parts Engineered Right, is no stranger to hard-core off-road use and Jeep models of all shapes and sizes. GenRight sent us a GST-2053, which is the COMP23 gas tank and skidplate. The tank has a ton of features and will hold 23 gallons of fuel. The tank features 1 inch more ground clearance than stock, an improved departure angle, and the tank frees up space for big aftermarket axles like our Ultimate Dana 60 rear axle. The tank's shape also allows for 7 inches of rear wheelbase stretch; we are stretching the rear of the LRJ about 4 inches back from stock. The COMP23 mounts in the stock tank location, but it's designed for use with coilovers. It won't fit with socks in the factory location on an LJ. Other benefits are that the tank uses the stock mounting location, keeps center of gravity low, and it accepts the stock Jeep fuel pump and EVAP equipment. The 1/8-inch-thick aluminum alloy tank is TIG welded. There is a foam liner between the tank and the skidplate to isolate any damage to the skid from the tank. The skidplate is a new-style 3/16-inch-thick heavy-duty steel, and we can attest it can take a beating without any drawbacks. The tank is also made in USA (we love that). We will set it up to hold and deliver diesel to the Cummins R2.8 in the front of the Jeep, which conservatively should give us a main tank range of well over 370 miles. Add in one 5-gallon jerry can, and we are easily over 450 miles of range.

We also sourced a used Jeep fuel sending unit and gutted the fuel pump and integrated regulator. The regulator must be replaced with a bypass piece, and then the fuel pump needs to be replaced with some fuel safe hose so the diesel can easily be sucked out of the tank. The fuel pressure regulator bypass piece can be made on a lathe, or a few aftermarket versions are available. We used Novak Conversions kit #FSK-9704RD. The R2.8 from Cummins also has a fuel return line that we plumbed into the port on the GenRight tank for fuel return.


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