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Getting Stuff Done on Our 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 19: So many small parts to bolt on and make work!

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

The end is near Luckily doom is not what we fear, it's the lack of time left to finish all the minor details on the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep. The plan is to build a Jeep that is an ode to the Special Air Service Jeeps that troubled, harassed, and beat up on the Axis forces in North Africa during World War II. Sadly, it won't be a fully restored and historically vetted MB that served time during the North Africa Campaign, but rather a refitted and custom Jeep TJ Unlimited.

We won't lie, there is a ton to do, and not a ton of time to get it done. For one, we need a cooling system and a cold air intake, ducting, and an intercooler. It's also about time we piece that together. Mishimoto sent us an aluminum radiator for a TJ that will help keep the Cummins R2.8 turbodiesel cool. This beautiful radiator was in our possession for about 20 minutes before we started cutting it up to fit our one-off vehicle... It felt dirty and rewarding at the same time. Did we say turbodiesel? Yes, in fact we did. That means we need a charge air cooling system, an intercooler, and ductwork to make the turbodiesel breathe cool, compressed air. For that we are going to add a junkyard-fresh intercooler from a turbo-powered Chrysler PT Cruiser. Also, Mishimoto sent us some 2.5-inch cold air intake boots to build a cold air charge system.

Lastly, so the rig can exhale, we need to build an exhaust system, and once again we will lean on friends. Our pal and off-road fabricator Ian Liljeblad volunteered some time to help the UA 2020 LRJ expel spent gases. We gave him some bits, and he built a beautiful and one-of-a-kind exhaust. Check it out!


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