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Day 4 Recap of Ultimate Adventure 2020 in Montana #UA2020

Avoiding wildfires, traversing highway and dirt roads, and then wheeling to the top of a mountain!

Christian HazelAuthor, Photography

Day 4 of Ultimate Adventure broke with a smoke-obscured sun unable to move the thermometer very much at our campsite. But despite the chilly temperatures our last-minute campsite brought the beauty with a rippling creek running straight next to our low-lying valley field. We lined up and then hit the road for a few hours, traversing a mix of dirt and paved surfaces before coming to the town of Ennis, Montana. We filled our tanks, bought some last-minute groceries, and then high-tailed it down the North Meadow Creek Rd into the wilderness.

The dirt road brought us to a spectacular camp area with a grass-covered field large enough to hold all 26 vehicles and 46 people on UA2020. We dumped our camping gear and then promptly turned around and lined up at the head of the McKelvey Lake Trail, which was reminiscent of the Rubicon to many, but with much steeper drops on either side, burbling streams and creeks abutting the trail, and a whopping change of elevation.

As the trail climbs up to the top of the mountain, the terrain gets increasingly steep and the rock obstacles get increasingly hard. There are many manmade bridges covering the deeper stream crossings, and several water crossings and mud fields thrown in for good measure. Before long we had passed three abandoned cabins that lie a few hundred yards from the top of the trail, which is a spectacularly beautiful pair of lakes. The larger of these is McKelvey Lake that's ringed with sandy beaches and sports unimaginable views of the surrounding peaks. The group took a while to enjoy the sights, dip our toes, and some even put their Montana fishing licenses to use, although nobody caught anything. Slightly higher up from McKelvey Lake is Mine Lake. As we were departing we swung by Mine Lake to check it out and were greeted by a fully grown bull moose. Quite an epic closer for an epic day.

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