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Ultimate Dana 60s for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 5: We uncrate and get the axles roughly positioned.

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

Truth is, we've had these Ultimate Dana 60 axles for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep a few weeks and uncrated them a while back. They may just be the ultimate axles for just about any big-tire hardcore off-road project vehicle. We've shown you them before, but their awesomeness is worth reiterating again and again and again. Take a look at a few flashbacks to our previous use of these axles; then check our list of the Ultimate Dana 60s awesome parts to drive home the point.

Ultimate Adventure Ultimate Dana 60s past:

Moving the Axles

All the best and biggest parts mean that each Ultimate Dana 60 axle ain't no bantam weight, though their weight is a reflection of the functional parts that make them without going crazy. Still you need to think about how you are going to move the axles around in your garage and get them close to their final position. That requires a couple sets of hands and a cherry picker, or a floor jack with an axle cradle built on. We've also used two car tire dollies, four of which are intended for rolling a non-running rig around the shop under the vehicle's tires. Once the axles are roughly in place, we position them on some of our 2- to 3-ton jack stands. For the front you'll want a third stand to hold up the pinion, or the front Ultimate Dana 60 even when seemingly balanced will roll back unexpectedly.

Massive Beef for Ultimate Dana 60

Ultimate Dana 60s are available with pre attached brackets for JK (that's what we have this year), available with brackets for JL, and also available as bare housings for those of you using leaf springs or custom link suspensions. All these axles feature:

Spicer 35-spline SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel axle shafts

Axle tubes: 3.5-inch outside diameter with.370-wall (front) or .390-wall (rear) thickness

Spicer ring-and-pinion gearing: 10-inch (256mm) on front axles and 9.75-inch (248mm), rear

Genuine Made in the USA gearing

Heavy-duty 8 x 6.5-inch wheel bolt pattern

Nodular iron diff covers

Selectable electronic locking differentials (ARBs or Eaton E-Lockers)

Huge heavy-duty brakes like those found on 3/4 and up truck axles

Spicer 1350 strap-style pinion yokes

Upgraded heavy-duty brakes with plug-and-play ABS system

Rebuildable bearing, race and spindle design, no unit bearings

Massive Spicer SPL-70 u-joints in the front drive axles exclusive to Dana (front)

Warn 35 spline hub locks (front)

Bracketed axles also feature upper and lower control arm brackets in same location as OE


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